DevBlog 65 - Critical Mass Test

Greetings Founders, and welcome to your regularly-scheduled CardLife DevBlog! We’ve been flat out in the studio hunting down the last pesky bugs before releasing our biggest content update ever.

Another Bug Hunt

As I type this, we’re gearing up to pile into a mass test, with the whole team playing the new version of CardLife on the same server. This is a vital step in the process, as it allows us to work together to identify, reproduce, and repair any lingering issues. The team have fixed around 250 bugs over the last 3 weeks, and we’re so close to sharing the results with you all. It’s a really exciting time for the game, and I honestly can’t wait to see what you all make of the guys’ hard work over the past few weeks.

Recap: Server Reset

We’ve tried to be as clear as possible about this, but I think it bears repeating - as a part of this next release, it’s going to be necessary to reset the CardLife servers. The introduction of shared building alone has huge implications on the game world, and with the massive list of features we’re bringing in we’re going to be giving the entire game a fresh start. Unfortunately this does mean that the spectacular structures we’ve seen spring up will be disappearing, but please do try to get as many screenshots and recordings as you can before they go - this should all be archived as you’ve all achieved some amazing things.

Future Updates: Art Update

With the majority of the team on a full-time testing/ bug-fixing routine at the moment, there’s not been a great deal to show off over the past couple of weeks. The artists however have been beginning work on a batch of content for the update after this imminent release. Introducing the Lizard Man…

Mike’s been building and ‘cardifying’ this menacing bipedal reptile this week, and his golden armor belies a cool mini-milestone for CardLife - it’s going to be our first creature of the Renaissance era. The Lizard Man will occupy the jungle along with the Raptor, making that a seriously dangerous location for cardboard adventurers. Enter at your peril…

A crucial part of the art process is to explore the form of the new creature, armor, item etc. This entails using a mood board and multiple variants on the model before putting it into the 2D cardboard style we all know and love. The above image shows the results of that process.

Right, well that’s all for this week - we’d better get to testing so we can get this nice shiny new update out for you all...



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Sam, Community Manager