DevBlog 64 - Tests, Tests, And More Tests!

Greetings Founders, and welcome to your regularly-scheduled CardLife DevBlog! It’s Sam here, back from a brief break to look after the latest CardLife production baby (note to self: update game credits) and raring to go. So let’s catch up together;

This is a Test

This week, the whole team have been working extremely hard to get the next update finished and out of the door. We’ve uncovered a few issues in the new content which the dev team are constantly working on. We definitely see this as a positive thing - it’s far better to encounter these issues before release, especially with the sheer amount of content we’re pushing out this time. The guys have asked me to pass on their thanks for your patience so far, and we can’t wait to show off what we’ve been working on! In the meantime, here’s a shot of Csaba’s sweet new armor from the latest test build;


Recap: Permissions Console

We spoke about this a month or two ago, but with the update imminent it seems like a good time to recap the permissions system, which will be a big part of it. With shared building making its debut with this release, you’ll be able to place a permissions console in your building. This will let you grant permission to certain other players to participate in the construction. We’ve seen some amazing buildings from single players, so we can’t wait to see what happens when the community comes together.

Future Updates: New Creatures

We’ve been a little light on new content over the past few weeks as the whole team have been working on fixing bugs ahead of release, so we have a couple of art treats to make up for it. First up, we have the Goblin Savage - a fearsome-looking beastie who will be found patrolling the Lower Mantle in the update after next.

We also have a new animation for the deer from Matt, which will be populating the forests of CardLife - again, not in the update we’re about to release, but the one after that. The ecosystem is getting more and more crowded every week!

That’s all for this week folks, now we’d better get back to testing so we can bring you this brand spanking new update as soon as it’s all finished!


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our very own Forums.


Sam, Community Manager