Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: A lot of the features discussed below are planned features and are not currently in the game.

The Founder's Edition of the game is for very early adopters that are happy to enjoy the game as it develops.
What is CardLife?

CardLife is an online first-person survival game set in a persistent cardboard world within a Science Fantasy setting - think Dragons, Mechs, Magic, Lasers & Dinosaurs. You must survive, explore, battle, craft and build your way to greatness through four technological ages, either with your fellow players or against them. Currently the game is still work in progress and is in pre-alpha. If you would like to be part of its development you can check out the Founder’s Edition which purchases the current game and some exclusive rewards for a limited heavily discounted price point, with all future updates being received for free apart from major DLC expansion packs.

Will there be both single-player and multiplayer modes?

We will offer both official PVE and PVP servers and the ability to create your own unofficial servers that you can play by yourself or with your friends. We also want to give you the ability to edit the world rules of the unofficial servers so you can customise the experience to suit your playstyle.

What is Connect the Dots crafting?

Connect the Dots (CTD) crafting is our unique crafting system that allows you to customise anything that you craft in-game. Each craftable item such as a weapon, creature or vehicle is made from several slotted pieces of card. With CTD crafting you can draw those individual pieces of card to customise the overall shape. You will also use this system to create your player character at the beginning of the game.

Will there be vehicles or creature mounts?

We plan to offer both vehicles and creature mounts as they will be important facets to world navigation. They will also tie directly into combat and raiding other player’s bases. Vehicles will be unique in that they will allow you to transport an additional passenger while creature mounts will double as a creature companion who will aid you during battle. Both vehicles and creature mounts will offer some form of attack whilst mounted, but you will not be able to use your own weapons or abilities.

What about creature companions?

We want to offer wide variety of creature companions that help you during battle, with some of those creatures doubling as mounts. To get a creature companion you will have to search for a special Golden version of that creature and then defeat it in combat. Once defeated it will drop a Golden Soul that you can then use to create your own customised version of that creature using the Connect the Dots crafting system. Creatures will then gain in power the more you use them in combat.

Is there levelling in the game?

We plan to allow creature companions to level up in the game, but your player character will not. Instead we have decided to link your character’s strength and progression to the equipment you craft and find. This is particularly important when talking about Golden Souls - which drop from unique golden variants of creatures with more powerful versions coming from tougher creatures. These Golden Souls can then be used to craft your own creature companion or you can equip them yourself to gain some of the creature's statistics. You will be able to equip up to 3 Golden Souls so you can tailor what stats you need the most. More health, more mana or more stamina?

Can I build in the game?

Yes! We want to offer a prefab based building system where you can craft the pieces you need, such as foundations, walls or ceilings and then snap them together to create a base to protect your loot. We also want you to create these pieces using the Connect the Dots crafting system so you can customise them with additional detailing and in some cases totally change their shape. For example you will be able to draw the fence so it looks like castle ramparts. This system will be on top of the standard material placement system that you can use to landscape the terrain.

Is there magic?

We plan to offer a fully fledged magic system that you can use to fight instead of other weapons. We also plan for you to craft your own custom spells out of the objects you collect from defeating creatures. This will allow you to create a multitude of different spells for you to use. If magic is not your thing, you will also be able to use these spells to enchant your other weapons instead.

What type of modding will be supported?

Modding is an integral part of our development. Everything we add to the game we want to be moddable so that you can create a custom server with your own unique content from different vehicles, creatures, materials and so on. Due to the nature of our game and how it is built out of cardboard it also means that we can offer an incredibly simple way of creating new content as everything is basically a collection of 2D shapes - so creating a new creature for example can be as easy as editing a few text files and images.

Will it run on my machine?

Currently the game is still in early development and we have not yet managed to optimise the game to run on our desired minimum specification. Therefore if you wish to participate at this early stage, please make sure you have a system similar to the below requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, 64 bit or above
CPU: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5 processor or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB or more
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 TI or equivalent
HDD: 6 GB free space

We are aiming to improve on these requirements in the future.

If you believe your PC cannot run the game based on the above specs please DO NOT buy this game yet.


What platforms is it on and will it be on Steam?

At the moment the aim is to release on PC via our website and to eventually release on other platforms such as Mac at a later date. Our plan is to eventually launch the game on Steam but we don’t have any specific date at this time.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about CardLife by following our DevBlogs and checking out our forums.

Do you have a Press Pack?

We certainly do! You can find it here

We love seeing your streams and videos, so be sure to share them with us!