What is CardLife?

CardLife is an online multiplayer survival game set in a cardboard Science Fantasy world - think Dragons, Mechs, Magic, Lasers & Dinosaurs. Play by yourself or with others as you explore a fully editable hand crafted world.

Encounter and battle a host of fantastical creatures and craft your own creations using our unique Connect the Dots crafting system where you can draw customisable cardboard shapes that slot together to create new Tools, Building Prefabs, Weapons, Vehicles, Creature Companions and much much more.

We are currently in early pre-alpha development and would love for you to join us and help shape the future of CardLife.

Check out our limited edition Founder’s Edition where you can buy the game at a heavily discounted price and get some exclusive early bird benefits!

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Planned Game Features

Survival of the Fittest

From hunger, thirst, heat and cold to fantastical creatures that hunt you down. There is only one objective: survive!

Online Multiplayer & Single Player

Play online on official PVE or PVP servers, start a custom server just for your friends, or play alone in single player mode.

Creature Companions

Defeat and claim the Souls of special Golden creatures and use them to create your own Creature Companions using the Connect the Dots crafting.

Customisable Magic System

Explore and hunt down magical creatures and use their remains to create your own unique spells.

Huge Cardboard World

A huge Cardboard world that can be fully edited with multiple different biomes from lush Forests to harsh Arctic tundras.

Connect the Dots Crafting

Craft tools, weapons, gear, creatures and more with the Connect the Dots crafting system which lets you draw your own custom versions.

Soul Based Progression

Equip the Souls of fallen Golden’ creatures to enhance your own stats. Use different combinations of Golden Souls to create powerful character builds.

Reactive World

From earthquakes that reshape the world to game changing events that awaken the toughest monsters. Every edit has a consequence.

Science Fantasy Setting

Progress through four technological ages with a distinct blend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi elements from primitive tools & equipment to highly advanced technology.

Multi-manned Vehicles

Craft several different vehicles to explore the world from a Flying Machine to a Mech and have your friends jump in too.

Custom Base Building

Snap together prefab based structural pieces that can be edited with the Connect the Dots crafting to create your own bases.

Modding Support

Create your own content using our easy to use modding system and play it with other players using custom servers.

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