DevBlog 46 - You say Hello

Hello and welcome to the 46th CardLife DevBlog.

Brian here again. This week has certainly been more hectic than usual. There have a been a lot of changes here in the office (and out of the office).

Congratulations Rich!

First of all, a big congratulations to our Game Director Rich on the birth of his daughter. He’s fled the office to be with his family so I get to do the next couple of dev blogs. Rich, if you’re reading this then stop working and get back to your other long term, creative project!

Other Team Changes

While there has been a happy addition to Rich’s family we have had to say some sad goodbyes. Ryan, our Visual Effects Artist and Aldo, our Senior Coder are leaving the project this week. Both of them have been a pleasure to work with and will be missed. However I am feeling happy for them both as they have landed kick ass jobs. Besides, if things don’t work out they will always be welcome back.

Bouncing this seesaw of a dev blog back to happiness, I get to welcome Thor. While Thor could never be a replacement for Ryan, he is, in all but name, a replacement for Ryan.

Thor is a great artist that somehow manages to be good at everything, but specialises in Visual Effects. When asked to describe himself he said “In my spare time I am involved in circus skills and have performed many shows, I also enjoy writing and playing music, I am addicted to frisbee, table tennis and when I have time/money traveling, diving and snowboarding”. Perhaps some of those hobbies will be an influence on CardLife.

Ongoing Work: Door to the game

With all these changes and mix-up I have to admit that we haven’t done much work here in the office! That being said, Alessio has finished his work on beds and respawn points and started working on placing doors. Soon you really will be able to say that your home is your castle.

Cian’s work on the joining of building pieces is nearly done and now large buildings look like they’re built of one piece and not a patchwork. Once I’ve found the time to finish saving your items in game will have a lot more meaning and will hopefully really feel like they’re yours!

The first feature that Thor gets to work on is a day night cycle. The plan is to get a quick simulation of darkness into the game. This starts with the day night cycle and then a really simple method of deciding how far underground you are. Once you’re underground and away from any torches we’ll darken the world. This should make exploration a lot more engaging and will be the perfect place for underground creatures to hide...

I say Goodbye

OK, I think I’ve covered everything that’s happened in the office this week. Our release of our new terrain system is still on the cards and I’m hoping our routine is back to normal next week.


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter and our very own Forums.


Brian, Lead Coder