DevBlog 45 - Terrain is a tricky task

Hello and welcome to the 45th CardLife DevBlog.

It’s Brian here as Rich has dashed off to be with his wife. They could be having a baby anytime now so we’re all quite excited here in the office. We’ll have to wait and see if he is still at work on Monday.

Still working on the terrain build...

This week has been a bit hectic really. At the start of the week we found some issues with our new terrain physics system so I’ve been working with Neil to get solid reproduction steps and to help get these issues solved. It’s a complex system and when something goes wrong it can be difficult pinpointing the cause. We’ve made good progress but unfortunately we’re still not ready. Hopefully early next week we’ll have a nice new terrain system in place!

Ongoing Work: Metal Creatures sleeping on the job

Aldo has finished the work to spawn metal variants of creatures. They still need a little love from the art team but hopefully they’ll be ready soon. The first time I saw a Bear made out of Gold I was really impressed. And it was tougher - considering how tough the current Bears are, it was quite a fight!

Fortunately Alessio had me covered. He’s got beds working so now when a Mythril Bear tears me up I will respawn in the safety of my own virtual bed, surrounded by my lovingly crafted virtual walls. Next he will be working on doors so I can actually keep the bears out of my house. Phew.

Unfortunately I don't have Rich's way with words so I’m going to get back to working on that terrain. Sorry about the short DevBlog, have a good weekend!


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Brian, Lead Coder