DevBlog 47 - Fly me to the Moon

Hello and welcome to the 47th CardLife DevBlog.

It’s been a very exciting week as a lot of things are on the brink of coming together.

Let me play among the stars

Thor, our new VFX artist has made great progress on a day/night cycle. It’s wonderful watching the sky move from blue to a deep red at sunset. There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done but I wanted to show you how the sky is currently looking.

Day / Night

Terrain rework is almost done

It’s been a long road but our work on the new terrain collision is close to being done. Neil has had his head down working out the edge cases and kinks in the system. We’ve found a truckload of issues and wanted to get them all fixed before putting the new terrain live. Right now he’s working on the final fix and if we don’t find any other issues we’ll have better frame rate and we won’t have anyone falling through the world quite soon.

Mike has been working on a selection of different beds. As well as the simple bed you will be able build bunk beds and an ornate double bed. We plan on offering that level of customisation to everything you place in your house and I’m looking forward to seeing loads of variation in what everyone creates!

While Mike is working on decor, Alessio is continuing his work on the building pieces with special functionality. He’s putting the finishing touches to the first pass of the door system and will soon be getting started on chests. Don’t want to risk losing all your ore to a bear or pack of wolves? Then leave them at home! Chests will act very similar to your normal inventory but will give some security and allow you to have extra space at home.

I’ve got the saving of terrain working and I’m halfway there with the saving of structures. Once I’ve finished that work we’ll be able to restart the servers and the world will continue to look the same.

Finally, Ed has been polishing off our new main menu. I love logging in and seeing my last character standing by the fire. He’s also made terrific progress on the server infrastructure so it won’t be too long before you’re able to host your own game, join your friend's game or have a character in several different games. I think that’s when we really get to call this a multiplayer game.


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter and our very own Forums.


Brian, Lead Coder