DevBlog 67 - Mapping Out The Future

Greetings Founders, and welcome to your regularly-scheduled CardLife DevBlog! What a wonderful week it’s been in the CardLife studio, with the passion and enthusiasm of our community powering us through a few lingering issues. We’ve been so happy with the response to the update, so a sincere thank you to all of you for your feedback from the entire team. Also, a hearty welcome to all our new players - we hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we have making it!

Hotfix: Patch Notes

Yesterday, we released another small hotfix to address a few server issues. Here’s a list of all the problems which should now be fixed - including the famous ‘74% bug’;

  • Wolves spawned under buildings
  • Walls sometimes became see-through when removed
  • When users re-joined a server, the terrain that was mined would return
  • Crafting a wall with window holes cut into them could create the inverse of the desired result
  • Items disappearing/becoming invisible in the inventory
  • Some users could not build on the western part of the world
  • Creatures did not respawn after they died
  • When a user joined a server they could not dig at the beginning of their session
  • Users got stuck on 70-80% when joining single player or hosted multiplayer servers
  • Users got stuck on 70-80% when joining public servers
  • Server exceptions on restart

In amongst all of these technical fixes, we’ve been taking a look at the feedback and have acted accordingly. So Rich, Thor and Mike have been working on some new navigational tools...

Navigational Tools

With so many new players coming into the game over the past week, we’ve been getting even more of an insight into what the players want and need from CardLife. One of the most overwhelming calls from the community has been the inclusion of a map with which to find your friends.

With that in mind, we’ve shuffled our priorities a little to bring a map and compass to CardLife as soon as we can - here’s a shot of the work-in-progress compass to show how far along we are;


The map we’ve been using outside of the game is very much a rough guide, so Mike’s been redesigning our world map so that players can better coordinate with each other. Here’s the current version, which you may have seen on our Discord server;

The names etc on here are very much placeholders, but for now this should help to organise those elusive meet-ups! We want to see big parties raiding caves and mining, so please send us screenshots when you do manage to meet! Oh, and you should know, the sun rises in the South and sets in the North. We're going to be working on these as quickly as we can, so stay tuned!

Server Issues

We’re going to be away from the studio over the long weekend (Happy Easter folks!) and so won’t be back in until Tuesday morning. To mitigate some of the server issues we’ve been having, Cian and Brian have been on the hunt today. The guys have now tracked down the problem, and we're just putting out a small server fix which will help out with a lot of the problems we've been seeing. We have a plan B too, and will be keeping a close eye on things over the weekend. This shouldn't affect anything performance-wise, but will fix the issues of servers dropping out. 


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our very own Forums.


Sam, Community Manager