DevBlog 51 - The Week After...

Hello and welcome to the 51st CardLife DevBlog,

It’s been a pretty huge week for us here on the CardLife team. It’s been very hectic but the feedback has been really positive and I wanted to pass on a huge ‘Thank You’ from all of the developers to everyone that has bought and played the game - it’s incredible to see small communities building up on the servers. So, what else have we been up to:

Server Stability

As you can imagine the entire code team has been pretty much flat out at trying to improve the server stability. A lot of this has been down to memory issues and I think we have finally put in place a solution that should keep the servers running. We have also created a script that should automatically restart the servers if they go down - but we need to do a bit more work to it, as sometimes when the server stops it doesn't shut down cleanly, so we need to manage that scenario so it should always restart.

We are also in the process of optimizing the memory footprint of the edits of the world - which is starting to get very large. This is mainly due to how Voxel Farm store this data and we’re planning on compressing this so it should give us some more head room. Cian is looking into this at the moment and the plan is to get a fix out sometime early next week. Once the servers are fairly stable the plan is to start getting back to features and content.

What's coming next

So while the code team has been busy, the Art team have been beavering away at new assets. Thor has started to get all the decorations that we have created in-game, so you should have a lot more options for furnishing your houses in an upcoming patch. I’m especially looking forward this as it really makes a difference to the feel of your base.


In terms of features, once the code team wraps up the stability issues in the next couple of days there going to be jumping on some very nice quality of life/game improvement features like crafting multiple items, storage, being able to drop items and cooperative building. All of these should be coming in the next few weeks which will be awesome.

Cool Structures

Before I go though, I wanted to pay homage to all of the amazing builders out there who have built some really cool bases: builders - I salute you!


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: FacebookTwitter and our very own Forums.


Rich, Co-Game Director