Wishlist CardLife On Steam

Greetings Founders,

As promised earlier in the week, today we have taken CardLife Founder's Pack off sale and the game is currently available to be wishlisted on Steam.

We've done this to help boost visibility for the game as we prepare to exit pre-alpha and enter Alpha stage of development for the Steam Launch.

Now this is where we need your help. We need as many members of the CardLife community to help us by adding Cardlife to your wishlist on Steam via the widget below:


This helps us boost discoverability of the game substantially which on the Steam platform can help contribute to us getting thousands of new players joining the CardLife community day one which will help us continue to fuel the game's development at its current 25-person level.

Rest assured everyone who has purchased CardLife up to this point will receive an opportunity to transfer their game ownership across to Steam on launch day. You wishlisting the game is just an extra way of showing your support.

Thanks again all!

Steam launch is not too far away…. :).