DevBlog 30 - Cutting Holes

Hello and welcome to the 30th CardLife DevBlog,

A new patch and two weeks worth of work to discuss so let’s get to it:

Patch Notes 33


We have pushed a new patch live today that you can download through the launcher. Here are the major changes:

  • The scissor tool has been added to the CTD interface - which means you can now cut holes in the pieces of card you draw e.g. you can draw your own face
  • You can now start to draw from anywhere within the boundaries in the CTD interface i.e. you don’t have to start from a dot
  • 11 new ores have been added across the 4 strata levels
    • The textures/placement and density of ores is placeholder and will be updated in a future release
  • All 1st person animations now include your connect the dots hand
  • You can now see visual effects from other players actions
  • Bushes and trees have had their interaction distance reduced
  • You can now die from starvation and will need to eat berries to survive
    • If you die you will drop your resources and be respawned somewhere nearby
  • Scrolling through the tools on your hotbar with middle mouse button now includes the material placement tool (i.e. dirt, stone etc) and your hands
  • Placeholder digging effect has been added

Ongoing Work: Caves and Ores


As mentioned above we have added ores to the game - with the plan to add crafting very soon. At the moment the ores have been added in a very placeholder way - i.e. they are just randomly placed with all ores having an equal chance to appear. Our plan is to add them so they form veins across the stratas - so if you find an ore you will be able to mine that vein which will take you on a small journey. This ore placement algorithm will also form the basis of the cave network, with large caverns being interconnected via tunnels. Caverns will also contain monsters for you to fight.

Unfortunately caves bring with them an additional performance cost that we have address before we can release them, but our aim is to get ores into a good place so we can start the crafting gameplay loop and add caves at a later point.

Ongoing Work: Crafting

Crafting is an ongoing task that Brian has been working on. He’s pretty close to having a version live, with the last feature being the recipe filter. This is a feature that allows you to drag any resource into the crafting window and it will automatically give you a list of items you can craft with that resource. You will then be able to select an item and it will tell you what other resources (if any) you need to craft it. We feel this is a really nice way for you to uncover different recipes of items without constantly having to go onto a wiki to find out what resources do what.

Upcoming Features: AI, Combat and Building

We are now starting to get to the core gameplay elements of the game as within the next few days we should be starting work on AI, Combat and the Building system. This is incredibly exciting because as soon as we get these systems up and running in a basic form we should have the core gameplay loop in-game. I will elaborate more on these features as they get closer to release, but I wanted to let you know that we have finally started to work on them now that the foundations of the game have been laid. 


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter and our very own Forums.


Rich - Lead Designer