DevBlog 8 - Online Multiplayer

Hello and welcome to the eighth CardLife DevBlog,

So we have made lots of progress again this week and hopefully have gotten one step closer to releasing a new update.

Online Multiplayer Test

If you have been following the DevBlogs you will know we have spent a lot of our time getting the core tech up and running. This week was a big step in the right direction as we managed to have our first online multiplayer test which consisted of a static player character, large landscaped terrain, text chat and the ability to place down discs of dirt. At the moment it’s fairly crude but we learned a lot and the next test we’re planning should include digging which I’m really looking forward to. This will also become the foundation for our next release which will allow you to join an online server and dig/place discs together.

CardLife Shader

As part of our Voxel Farm integration we have also had to spend some time reintegrating our custom shader for CardLife. This was present in the live builds and was one of the ways we were able to make the world look like cardboard. Aldo has spent a large chunk of his time getting this setup and it’s nice seeing the game come back together after we basically started again with the tech.

Player Character

As I mentioned last week we have been working on updating our player character and if you follow us on twitter or facebook you will have already seen him, but I’ll post it here too in case you missed it:

Weapon Stats

I have spent the majority of this week working out the weapon stats progression across the game. This has tied into the player attributes and has allowed me to do a first pass to give me an idea of how different weapon types will work, ranging from sword & shields to heavy ranged weaponry. I love this part of game design as I’m a massive RPG fan and it has such a major effect on the game as a whole. My goal is to provide a system that is very flexible and should allow players to set their character up to suit how they like to play - from a heavily armored dual wielding melee specialist to a lightly armored pure caster and with lots in between. All of this design at the moment is on paper and once we start to implement it, I’ll be gathering lots of feedback in order to help shape it into something that is robust and really fun to play.


Well that wasn’t too long :) I hope you enjoy the DevBlogs - if you do please do let us know via the forums, twitter or facebook. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’re up to.


Rich - Lead Designer