Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) cover all of our websites cardlifegame.com, cardlifegame.co.uk and cardlifegame.uk (“Website”) and our game CardLife (“Game”), and sets the ground rules for their proper usage. This is to protect both you and our community and to make sure that our Website and Game is not being used in a manner which will reflect badly on our brand or Game.

The main key points are (please note the T&Cs should still be read in full):

  • We want to take the community along with us as we develop our Game - this means that it will be made available at certain points in its development and it may contain bugs or errors
  • Do not share, modify or redistribute our Game or Game’s files as we want everyone who plays our Game to have the best experience possible and when we do finally charge for the game, if we cannot monetise the game properly we will not be able to invest in its continued development
  • Do not make commercial use of our Website or Game without our prior agreement
  • We want to build a community around our Game and we want our Website to be a friendly and open place, so please be honest and respectful of others in the community and on the Website

By visiting the Website or playing our Game you are agreeing to these T&Cs, which include our Privacy Policy which explains how we handle your data such as personal information. Your Website and Game account (“Account”), Game activity and any other services we provide to you are also governed by these T&Cs.

Please note these T&Cs do not apply to third party sites, even if they have been linked from or to our Website, or any third parties outside our control.

These T&Cs may from time to time be updated, for example to reflect new laws or as the Game develops. Such updates will become effective as soon as they are posted on the Website. Where applicable we will try to make sure that you are made aware of these updates, but it is your responsibility to periodically check the Website for changes to these T&Cs, as continued use of the Website or the Game will constitute an agreement.

If you are under the age of thirteen (13), you are not permitted to use this Website or play our Game. If you do not or cannot agree with these T&Cs you should stop visiting the Website or playing our Game.


Below outlines the terms that you must follow when accessing our Website, playing our Game or using any other service that we provide.

Privacy Policy

These T&Cs also incorporates our Privacy Policy which explains how your privacy and data are protected and how we intend to use your data. Please make sure you read that policy as it is part of these T&Cs.

Communication Features

All communication features (such as the forum or in-game chat) provided by us is a service governed by the T&Cs.

Any posts on the forum or other messages, images, files etc (“User Content”) sent whether on the Website or in the Game is the sole responsibility of the user sending the User Content. This means that while we allow you to communicate and interact with other members of the community, it does not mean we in any way agree with those thoughts and we can’t be held responsible for what people send. As such you are responsible for all User Content you send and you agree that we are in no way liable for any loss or damages of any kind incurred as a result of you interacting in any way with any form of other user’s User Content.

We will not actively monitor or screen User Content that people send. As such we ask that you do not send any offensive, illegal or inappropriate User Content through our communication features. While we are under no obligation, we do reserve the right to monitor, edit, remove and/or block any User Content at our discretion.

You understand that by using the communication features you are engaging in a public forum not a private communications. As such you agree to waive any rights of confidentiality and give us permission to use, edit, adapt or distribute your User Content on our Website and throughout our Game.

Please be aware that from time to time links may be provided on our Website or through our communication features that redirect you to another third party site. As these sites are not managed by us we cannot be responsible for any outcome or damage of you visiting that site - so please be very careful when clicking any links that take you to an external website.

Any violation of these T&Cs arising from your actions will make you liable for any claim or demands by any third party, so please do not send anything through our communication features that is not your own creation or infringes upon a third party's intellectual property or rights.

Prohibited Uses of Our Website & Game

We want our Website and communication features to provide an open and honest place for our community to engage with us and each other. With this aim in mind we ask that your online conduct be respectful of other members, developers, third parties and for you to abide by the laws and regulations by which you adhere to in the real world.

We also would like for to understand that when you buy, download or play our Game, we are granting you a personal license to play that Game on your device. This means that we are still the owners of the Game and any content contained within it - and by playing our Game you are agreeing to these T&Cs.

As such here is an example list of prohibited uses of our Website and Game that you should not do:

  • Send or help send User Content which is offensive, illegal or infringes on a third party's intellectual property or rights
  • Send or help send User Content which is deemed damaging, disruptive or exploitative such as viruses, trojan horses, keyloggers etc
  • Send or help send User Content which is unsolicited advertising or promotions
  • Impersonate any person or entity such as a company or organisation
  • Attack or slander any developers or other members of the community
  • Redistribute our Game or any alterations of our game or game files
  • Modify any files that you are not specifically authorized to modify
  • Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble all or any portion of the Website, Game or other service

This list does not represent a complete list of prohibited uses and should be used to guide your online conduct on our Website and how you interact with our Game. Please be aware that we will not tolerate any inappropriate or illegal activities on our Website or in our Game. We reserve the right to revoke access to the Website or Game, cancel your account or prevent your Content from being sent through our communication features with or without cause or notice, and for any action we deem inappropriate or disruptive to the Website, Game, developers or our community. We will also fully cooperate with any law enforcement in any investigations of alleged illegal activities on our Website or Game and actively report any illegal activity we discover.

User Content Rights

While we want to encourage our community to be creative and vocal about our Game, we want you to be very aware of your rights in creating or sending User Content either directly to us or through our communication features such as the forum or in-game chat.

Once you have sent or uploaded that User Content it will become our property that we can use however we see fit - this means all intellectual property rights will be ceded to us indefinitely and you will be be giving up all ownership. So if you expect to be paid for any User Content that you send, please do not send it to us before making us aware of that expectation and we reply acknowledging that fact and request your User Content be sent to us.

Marketing Communications Policy

As we are developing the Game alongside the community, we will want to update you regularly on the progress of the Game and to let you know about any new features or patches. We will do this via our social channels such as our Website, facebook, twitter and by email. By default all new Accounts on the website will be opted in to our game update emails and you will be able to easily opt-out by a one-click unsubscribe option that is clearly marked at the bottom all our game update emails.  

Epilepsy Warning

If you or your family have any history of epileptic seizures or any other medical ailment related to the exposure of flashing images and lights, please consult your doctor prior to playing our Game. If you experience any adverse effects while playing our Game such as dizziness, blurred vision, eye twitches etc please stop immediately and seek medical advice from your doctor. Parents or guardians should also take extra caution to make sure their child is not experiencing any adverse effects.

While playing video games is fun, please look after yourself while doing so. Make sure that you do not play the game when tired and you haven’t slept that much, take regular breaks every hour and make sure you are in well lit environment.

Service Interruption

We may need to take the Website or other services offline on occasion for updates - this may or may not be with prior notice. We will try our best to minimise this downtime but we will need to do this to make sure that we continue to provide you with the best service possible.

In cases where our services have been taken offline due to circumstances outside our control, we will endeavour to restore these services as fast as possible, but we cannot be liable for your loss of access.

Early Development Builds

We plan to develop our Game alongside the community and as such we will release several builds of it over time. Some of these versions may contain errors or bugs. We want to make the Game the best it possibly can be and this means we may need to make drastic changes that not everyone may agree with - with this in mind we reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary to the success of the Game.

Intellectual Property


Anything and everything contained on the Website or within the Game is our sole property and we retain all intellectual property rights regarding this work under United Kingdom copyright law. This means that you cannot use any of our content without receiving prior written agreement from us.

Fan Websites

We want you or our community to be able to make fan sites dedicated to our game. With this in mind we may designate certain content on our Website that can be freely used for fan sites - but please do not amend content that has been marked for use or use any content that has not been explicitly marked for fan site use. This content may be updated over time so please be aware of this, if and when you use it. If you intend to monetize your fan site, we would require that you first inform us so that we can setup a simple license agreement with you. Please note, that any fan site is not directly controlled by us and so we cannot be responsible for it content or use.

Content Submissions

As explained in Rights in User Content, any User Content such as creative ideas, suggestions, original works, images, files, audio etc sent directly to us or via our communication features will cede all ownership and intellectual property rights to us. This is to avoid the possibility that we may have had a similar idea or concept to you as part of the Game’s development that you were not aware off. This means we must ask you to please make sure you are very careful with what you send us and that you fully understand the consequences of such an action. To be crystal clear - do not send us any User Content that you wish to keep private, remain the owner of and/or commercialise yourself.   

Game User License

When you purchase, download or play our Game, we are granting you a non transferable license to install and play the Game on your device - this means that we still own the Game. This license is personal to you and means you cannot redistribute, rent or sell the Game or the Game’s files to anyone for any reason. This is very important to us as piracy of our Game will ultimately prevent us from investing in its continued development and delivering the best possible experience to you. This license is governed by these T&Cs and can be revoked immediately without prior notice if you do not abide by them.


Disclaimer of Warranties

Please be aware that visiting and accessing our Website or downloading and playing our Game is done so at your own risk and we do not accept any liabilities or provide any warranty for inaccuracies, bugs or errors located on the Website, within the Game or any other service we or a third party provider provides. This means the Website, Game and any other services either from us or a third party provider are provided on an ‘as is” basis without any form of warranty.

Limitation of Liability

We do not accept any liability for damages arising out of the use, misuse or inability to use our Website, Game or any other service we provide, or our third party partners provide such as hosting of our Website etc. We are also not responsible for the User Content that is uploaded to our Website or sent through our communication features and as such accept no liability for damages arising from offensive, obscene, defamatory or illegal User Content.

Report Violation

If you are aware of any violation of these Terms and Conditions please contact us using our Website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, complaints or concerns regarding these Terms and Conditions or any other related questions or inquires please contact us via the Website.