Dev Blog 100 - New Tools, New Creature, Creators chest and the Like/Dislike system

The Second Phase of Our ‘Creator Tools!

This update continues our creators trend with a new item, the Creators chest. The Creators Chest allows the owner to place items within the chest as a reward, which non owners will be able to claim once every 4hrs.

We hope players take this opportunity to set up some cool content, with a fun reward waiting for players at the end.

Do you Love it, Like it or Dislike it?

This release will introduce a new system into Cardlife, the like or Dislike system!

Players will now be able to vote on structures that have been created by other users by Pressing V (when looking at the structure). Players will then be able to choose between three options, Love, Like or Dislike.

This system gives valuable feedback for all our amazing creators, letting them know that their work is not only visited, but appreciated.

The Chainsaw and the Jackhammer

This release also brings with it the next set of tools for players to collect and use, these are the Jackhammer, which is the next level of Pickaxe, and the Chainsaw, the next level of the Axe.

The Jackhammer will also allow players to collect the next levels of Ore, which are Titanium, Thorium and Meteorite.

New Creature: Torasaurus

A new creature has made its way into the land of cardboard, the Torasaurus!!

This new dinosaur is the Age 1 representative for its species, which rounds off all 4 types of creatures in Age 1. You will be able to find them at the boundary between the beach and the forest.

We need your help!

Cardlife is currently trying to win the 2018 Indie of the year award over at IndieDB, every vote counts and we need our communities support to help us clinch the top spot.

To vote just follow the link: