Patch Notes - 20th March 2018

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for - the long-awaited update to CardLife is here! With a huge amount of new content, we’ve added new creatures, shared building, new materials…. It’s a huge list.

Before we go any further though, please note that unfortunately…

We have had to reset the servers with this update - please do not submit a support ticket about missing items and structures.

If you've not become a founder yet, there's never been a better time with the fresh start this gives everyone. You can register as an early access Founder for just £5/$6 here. Founders receive access to the whole game all the way through development, at a highly discounted price. Let’s delve into the big-ticket items then, shall we?


New Creatures


This update brings the Imp, Goblin, Prototype Golem, and Raptor into the world of CardLife. This brings the total number of enemies up from 2 to 6, and some of these creatures will lurk below the surface. This will mean that going below ground is no longer safe, so if you’re mining, so be prepared!




We’ve also added armor to the game, which as you would expect is a craftable item you can create to shield your character from damage. So if you’re going out fighting bears, you’ll be a little better equipped from now.

Shared Building


This is a big one. With the addition of the craftable Permissions Console, you’ll be able to assign roles to your fellow players, letting them add to or build near your constructions. This means groups can claim areas of land for settlements, or huge palaces can be worked on together. Let your imagination run wild!

Furnace and Forge, and other Crafting Updates


This is an evolution of the current crafting system, introducing two new components. The furnace is used to smelt ore into ingots, which are then used to craft armor etc. Crafting will also now necessitate the use of more varied components. Leather straps, Adhesive, and Resin have been added to this end. Tools and Weapons now also have a durability feature,


Elite Creatures and Souls


Elite creatures have now been introduced to the world, but they are very rare. Killing one of these creatures will drop a Creature Soul, which you can equip to gain some additional stat boosts


Those are the main talking points - but here’s the full list. Enjoy!



  • Furnace and Forge added, enabling advanced crafting of metal items.
  • New materials
    • Ingots
    • Fiber
    • Plant matter
    • Coarse Hide
    • Coarse Leather
    • Coarse Leather Strips
    • Rancid meat
    • Charcoal
    • Adhesive
    • Resin
  • Four different types of Armour
  • Durability for tools & Weapons
  • New Underground Creatures to the world
    • Imp
    • Goblin
    • Prototype Golem
  • New Surface Creature added to the world
    • Raptor
  • Permission system to allow building together
    • Blocking others from building right next to you
    • Prevents creatures/flora respawning
  • Limited the items to be maxed at 99 in one pile
  • Ability to drop items - simply drag the item from your inventory to outside the window to drop it.
  • Upon death, items are dropped in a crate which can then be re-collected
  • Dropped crates have a white indicator, to find them easier
  • Buildings can now be placed in caves
  • Splitting / merging items is now possible within the inventory
  • If your inventory is full the newly crafted or collected items should be dropped using a small crate
  • Elite Creatures added to the world, which drop Creature Souls
  • Creature Souls, providing bonuses. These are not droppable on death
  • Items now have tooltips with related information
  • New filters added to the crafting menu with categories and a search bar
  • Remove ‘leave a comment’ and ratings box on quitting the game
  • Activated the information panel next to the crafting menu, displaying
    • Your set of equipped armour
    • Your character’s stats
    • The bonuses provided by the equipped souls
  • Randomised the spawn position of players so they spawn in different locations around the map


    • All items, crafted or collected are now lost.


  • Improved Ore textures
  • When you join a server your inventory is no longer re-shuffled, it remains as you left it
  • Improved error messages in main menu
  • Stop creatures from spawning in exclusion zone (With the permission panel)
  • Set custom servers to 40 people
  • When you want to enter a locked server you can use Enter to confirm the password
  • Improved the Bear animation
  • Default standing and movement arm animation improvement


Fixed Issues

  • Animals going through building pieces
  • Issues with interacting with objects.
  • CTD system was not remembering last mouse position between runs
  • When using the default outline, the preview always showed you the stone version of the item
  • If you consume something the notification text will say "XResource" instead of just saying Raw meat
  • You could not click the "Done" button on the rating dialogue
  • When cutting the roots of a tree most of the tree disappeared
  • When you leave the game with Save and Exit the game takes a long time to close
  • Clicking the bottom image in the crafting system gets rid of the cutting boundaries
  • Pillars cannot be deleted
  • Memory leak with terrain
  • Leaving crafting while drawing did not remember the point where you stopped
  • Player had to draw all shapes in the crafting tool
  • If you minimized the launcher, it closed and you cannot bring it back.
  • Spawn positions leaking on the server.
  • The scrollbar of the crafting menu breaking, holding you up from crafting
  • Items not stacking together if you use crates
  • Several mined items hovering where the player could barely reach them
  • Password protection for the servers did not work
  • If you ate while in a fight, your health would slowly, but constantly regenerate
  • If you cut a tree, then built on that position, trees would grow back
  • Maximize in the customization CTD screen was broken
  • When eating berries or meat, the icons indicating what you are eating were very very dark
  • Text always read ‘create your character’ in the crafting screen
  • Cycling the tools with middle mouse button did not always cycle hands between 0 and 1
  • Scrolling through the hotbar items did not work
  • Crafted items didn’t appear in the Inventory if previously crafted then depleted
  • Maximizing than closing the customising windows would break the maximise / minimise button
  • Animals getting stuck in one position, while the walking animation is still running
  • Items kept in chests are disappearing
  • You couldn’t draw all the red dots
  • Resource collection notification did not match inventory
  • Loading into a server after quitting that servers caused the loading bar start at 50% and then go weird
  • You could place infinite amount of crates
  • Infinite number of building items
  • Repeating chop effect for ever
  • Switching your target while collecting an item did not work
  • Multiple items being selected in crafting menu.
  • When customizing an item, you didn't have the default segment highlighted in the 3D view
  • When you die you could close the respawn menu with "ESC"
  • White text informing you about what you have collected did not appear
  • Rejoining a server after quitting back to the main menu caused you to get stuck (intermittent)
  • No damage during an Unpacking Terrain message