DevBlog 36 - Weekly Update

Hello and welcome to the 36th CardLife DevBlog,

Just a quick update this week as everyone is working on large features - so let’s get to it:

Ongoing Work: Building

Building is moving along very nicely and will most likely (crosses fingers) be our next major content update. It will still be rough around the edges but you should be able to build with all of the structural pieces with interactive pieces (such as doors etc) coming later. Cian is currently working on the last rule in the naming convention and then will move onto hooking up all the pieces to the Connect the Dots/Crafting system.

Ongoing Work: AI

Aldo now has a basic implementation of wolves spawning in the game around the player and aligning to the terrain as they move around which looks pretty cool. The next step is to work on the wolves wandering behaviour so they don’t just run off into the distance never to be seen again, with the overall plan being to implement a basic state of all AI related systems (i.e. steering, behaviours, server optimization etc). Once we have all systems operational you should be able to fight a wolf and we will then layer in improvements as we go forward.

Ongoing Work: Optimization

Neil is coming to the end of his next round of optimizations which should see us replacing the standard PhysX terrain collision with a custom designed CardLife collision system. This should see a major improvement in performance on lower-end machines when running around and it should also mean a smoother frame rate for higher specced machines. He is currently merging his work with the rest of the code base and then we should be in a good position to test it thoroughly before totally switching to this new much faster system.

Ongoing Work: PVP Playtest

As you most likely know we released our PVP build last week and we were thinking of setting a time sometime next week for us all to be online as a team and have a bit of big fight :). If people are interested in joining us let me know (social channels linked below) and I can message out a date and time. Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmbbbbbllllleeee!!!


As always if you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter and our very own Forums.


Rich, Co-Game Director