DevBlog 3 - Core Tech & Creatures

Hello and welcome to the third CardLife DevBlog,

Hopefully this week’s DevBlog will be shorter :)

Core Technology

As I touched on last week we have begun to lay the foundations of our core tech that will allow us to have a large online world that can be edited by multiple players. We have split the team's effort equally between networking and the world generation/rendering as they are quite distinct from each other and allow us to develop them in parallel.

We have been evaluating several third party solutions and we seem to have come to a good balance between our own tech plus middleware which will give us what we need. In terms of networking we managed to do a small test this week with three of us connecting to a server and seeing our characters run around animating which was very cool. We have also made some really good strides with our world generation but a lot of the effort right at the moment has been spent researching and evaluating.


In content news it has been incredibly exciting as we have begun the very long trail of creating our creatures. We have a very strong idea in terms of how the cardboard art style should look so we picked two creatures from our internal design list and blocked them out to see how they would look - and I think they have come out great. Although please bear in mind these are low poly untextured versions of what the creatures will be and are subject to change:


In other news, I will be moving house next week so I won’t be in the office for two weeks so Brian, our Lead Coder will be writing the DevBlog for next Thursday, where he will go into more detail on our tech and what we have been up to.

I’m glad this one was shorter - have a great day!


Rich - Lead Designer