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Thread: Dev Blog 73 - Patching Up Performance

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    Dev Blog 73 - Patching Up Performance

    Dev Blog 73 is here - This week, we're explaining today's performance improvement patch, and taking a look at Age 2 armor.

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    Certainly much faster loading in! 50 secs compared to 15mins!

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    Your patch update just took away my in-game privileges for access of my OWN building and material. Worse still I am now stuck behind my own door and can't get out or access my own chests! How the heck to we uninstall a broken game patch?

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    faster loading, still unpacking

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    Answered this on another thread Slomo, no need to double post, we see them all

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamF View Post
    Answered this on another thread Slomo, no need to double post, we see them all
    My apologies. I know on a LOT of sites not everyone sees every post. I put my posts in here and the bug thread since both are relevant areas. Already replied in the bugs thread though.

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    Just a simple question: I still do not understand how we will proceed from one age to the next. Right now all technologies are "free" to everyone and I see no limitations. What will stop me to just build everything from age two as soon as it is released? Will there be a limited access to the tech tree? Will I have to do research or could I trade with tech with other players? Would it not be nice to get tech as a reward, when you finish a kind of a task? (e.g. Kill ten Golems to "understand" better mining tools and enable you to build them...)

    Oh that was more than one simple question
    p.s. I still think Gargoyles would be fantastic age 2 inhabitants as a stronger version of an Imp...

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