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Thread: Inventory Bugs

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    Light wolf pelt -> coarse hide = nothing

    Expected behaviour:
    Remove half of wood from furnace

    Experienced behaviour:
    it appeared that the wood was there but then it had no amount on the icon in my inventory. Upon moving it within my inventory, it said i had the SAME amount as was in the furnace, not half. I then closed out of the furnace dialog and then entered my inventory and it was gone... cool... or so I thought. Then when I went to gather more wood, no wood would spawn after cutting the tree, only resin. See video below. Reproducible.

    Work around (if any):
    None, but restart does resolve

    Sorry for poor quality.
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    System Specs:

    OS: Windows 10 Home
    Processor: AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor -- 3.50 GHz
    RAM: 24 GB
    System Type: 64-bit OS and Processor

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    I'm also getting similar problems, playing on server 3. As example, I can move an item out of my hot bar and it will appear to move into my inventory. Replace the hot bar with a different item, then try to equip it. Except the old item will be in my hand (not place-able or usable though). Restarting the game will revert to my hot bar having the old item again, which I can then move into my inventory.

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    i agree on everything u said it happened to me alot in singleplayer

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    I just started playing yesterday, but after playing a bit today (on dedicated server) the same is happening to me ... I cannot craft new stone armor or sword because the stone I mine wont show up in inventory ... first my wood wouldnt show up, it came back after restarting the game, but now the stone wont show and I have tried to restart game multiple times without any luck

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    Dropping items on the ground has mixed results.
    I play with my gf and we like to share, but sometimes it doesn't work as expected.

    Expected behaviour:
    I drag an item out of the inventory and drop it.

    Expreienced behaviour:
    Three variants:
    1. It works.
    2. Visually the item stays in my inventory. I can drag it around but not use it. She sees the box with the dropped item, can pick it up and use it.
    3. I drop the item it appears in a box, but she cannot see it.

    Work around:
    For the second problem a simple relog will remove the bugged items from your inventory.

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    I too can confirm this is happening on "Hosted Games" as well as the so-called dedicated server that noone actually connects to.

    Also a very easy test.

    Create a dedicated server on your PC.
    Launch the game client on your PC.
    Join your so-called "dedicated Server"
    punch a tree
    Collect the logs
    Get the achievement
    quit the game client
    relaunch the game client and join back to your so-called "dedicated Server"
    and wha-laaa... your inventory is BLANK.

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    The item not showing when being replaced I have got that bug also before. Was mainly with the Accessory items, having them switched out with new ones. Logging out and then back in will fix and show the items again.

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    Not being equipped the soul of the alpha robot, it is not going to inventory, the whole robot is dropping the strong blue sword.
    It is not possible to open friendships using a shared building tool.

    Sometimes the map does not load and there are holes where you fall and end up dying due to monsters attack, is there any command that teleports you from some buggy place?

    texts in portuguese of brazil, when the word contains accentuation, does not appear here in the forum
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    Nao esta sendo equipada a alma do robo alfa , ela nao vai para o inventario, todo o robo esta dropando a espada azul forte.
    Nao esta sendo possivel abrir baus de amigos utilizando uma ferramenta de construcao compartilhada.

    As vezes o mapa nao carrega e surge buracos onde voce cai e acaba morrendo devido a ataque de monstros, existe algum comando que te teleporta de algum lugar bugado?
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    when it equips the rare strong blue sword in the enchantment table to enchant it, it freezes the other item not allowing to select the same ones.

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