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Thread: Wolves are invading in Patch 39

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    Wolves are invading in Patch 39

    Hey All,

    We have just released Patch 39 which includes a very crude first version of our Wolf creature.

    Here are the major changes:

    [LIST][*]Wolves have been added to the game:[*]Please note - They are very much a work in progress at the moment (crude movement and attack etc) but this provides us with an opportunity to test our AI architecture across the live server[*]Wolves currently spawn around the player but we will eventually tie their spawning to the world location[*]The Wolf will wander around it

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    Thanks for the pictures highlighting builds - it's good to see things that people have built, as it's not always so easy to find them!

    I can see that some of us best go wolf hunting then.

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    Argh! I thought you said there was a wolf. Too many wolves!

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    Yeah at the moment we have 15 wolves that always spawn around you although not next to you - which we needed to do to test the load on the server.

    This is a temporary measure as eventually we will spawn the creatures based on the world location and then just load them in when you run around which will give you a much nicer experience

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    I've figured out why I'm having such a problem. The occasional wolf I can dispatch easily enough, but it's the invisible wolves that are giving me a hard time.

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    We thought we fixed the invisible wolves - we're not sure what is causing it. This is why we wanted to get it live as soon as possible so we can see what happens in a live environment.

    We'll keep looking into it - thanks for letting us know.

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