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Thread: Mitch Advent's Guide to Cardlife

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    Mitch Advent's Guide to Cardlife

    Hi everyone!

    Been at this game for 5 days now (I'm in Server 3)! Lol!
    I'm not much of a gamer, but since I'm currently studying to be
    an Architect, this game's cardboard theme intrigued me. Anyway,
    here's a bunch of things I took note of while trying to get a sense
    of the game. I will add more if I learn more, so feel free to add in
    whatever advice you have too!

    1.) Loading In - Day/Night Cycle

    I noticed that the game will pause (might just be for me) at 97%,
    and wait till the nearest 15 minute to log me in. For example,
    it's 4.08pm now, the game almost always logs in at 4.15pm. This
    seem to follow the Day and Night cycle which is 15 mins for Day
    and 15 mins for night.

    2) Pickup Drops - Easiest Way

    When harvesting plants like berries, the drops will explode
    outwards, so if you stand on top of the plant, all the drops will
    automatically be picked up. For trees, get on top of the stump
    before it disappears! For ores, rush forward before the drop appears!

    3) Unpacking Terrain - Be vigilant!

    I've died many times because of this. This happens whenever
    you're crossing borders (seems to be the way the game prevents lag
    by only loading the portion you're at currently). And also when you're
    falling from great height (takes time to re scale the map you're moving

    4) Map - Where am I?

    I strongly suggest you spend some time building a tower as high
    as you can go, just to pin point any special land feature that stands
    out. For example, I discovered my location when I realized the bar of
    sand I've been roaming around in is exactly the same shape as the sand
    in C3 (Map in the link below).

    Also, I'm not sure why, but my sun rises
    and sets in the east/west direction, perpendicular to the clouds. Other
    players have mentioned their sun rises north/south together with the
    clouds. I'm not exactly sure why, but this could be one reason its
    almost impossible to find each other! So its best to agree on land features
    or buildings with specific features to meet up at. Which brings me to
    my final point.

    The map:

    5.) Mitch Advent's Trail of Light


    If you're on Server 3, I've left a trail of torches in my first attempt to
    not get lost. I did it as a means of retracing my steps to an almost
    unreachable spot where I built a small cabin and left all my valuables,
    jumped into the sea and died (just so you know, there is no sea yet, and
    when you go in its all wolves). While doing that I successfully figured out
    where I am together with the help of the compass.

    So if you're on the same server, there's a trail of lights from the sands
    in B3 all the way to G3. There are small cabins along the way marking
    where I got killed, lol.

    In the forested area, top right within G4, I've built a "Ridiculously Tall
    Tower of Stairs Made of Stone". To be a meeting point for any adventurer
    who would like to meet. The view is mighty impressive!

    At F4, I've built a small cabin up in the snow on the mountain ridge
    at its most-eastern snow capped peak. On the map, its the rightest-most
    part of the white snow.

    Smacked in the middle of the border line between E4 and F4, is
    where I currently reside. With reference to the map, its on the northern face of
    the mountain range. It's a completely wooden cabin with very steep roofs.

    Hopefully all these descriptors will help guide you around the world of Cardlife!
    At least the southern portion as I've yet to explore the north!

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    Hey Mitch!

    Thanks for the great post! Just in response to point 1 - it's a good theory on the night/day thing, but this is more down to the game loading up terrain edits. We're testing a fix internally which should see this resolved though.

    That's cool re the meeting point etc., that's the sort of emergent thing we love to see in CardLife

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    Hey Mitch, whats up man!

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    Thanks for the tips, man!
    Really useful for my current obstacles with Cardlife.
    Alexandra from Summerwood

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