Hey all,

Patch 38 is now live which includes Saving Mk1. Here are the patch notes:

  • Saving Mk1 has now been enabled - this means that your inventory will now save when you log off including allowing you to continue building between sessions
  • There are few things with saving that are not yet implemented and will come with Saving Mk2 - these are:
  • Position of character in the world
  • Position of items within your inventory and on your hotbar
  • The outline of your Connect the Dots creations
  • Pickups
  • Building pieces that are deleted (these will reappear on reload but you will be able to delete them again)
  • A temporary fix has also been added that teleports you back to the surface if you fall through the world (this will be disabled when we add our new collision system)
  • A few miscellaneous building fixes

I have also posted a new DevBlog which you can read here: