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    is there maby in the future a possibility to have a backpack ?

    iam running always with full inventury.

    in about 1 hour farming the inventury is already full, the ways where you will mine or farm will be more and more far a way, The way to the farming point and back is half of the time i need for farming

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    Hi maffie,

    Yes this would be a great idea! Could be an accessior, crafted out of leather. Maybe you could even enchant it for more space!

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    maby the future pet can hold some stuff

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    Never heard that they are planing donkeys

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    Hey guys - yes, creature companions will have an inventory, which will vary in size depending on the creature. So you'll be able to load up your dragon for particularly long journeys

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    wow, that will be great

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    You think it will be great, but then your dragon ditches you for a Vegas weekend with all your stuff, coming back with a black eye, a tattoo of a scantily clad princess, and a bunch of stories about how he got robbed at the tables.

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