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Thread: Building Mechanics

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    Building Mechanics

    So I was watching through your youtube videos and it seems you dropped the building mechanics of these two videos: &

    Is there any reason for not having this in the current game? I for one think it's way more creatively free than what is now

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    These building mechanics looks sick tbf, i hope they bring this back even just the trimming side of things, i cant draw and struggle with windows and shapes hahah

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    I have to say that I do like this type of Building Mechanics. It does give you a lot of freedom. I don't know if it is possible to bring back parts of it work with the current system.

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    I'd venture to say that this way of building is seriously more demanding on the servers which is why it was dropped in favour of the blocks style building. Frankly it's very much like what we are seeing in Dual Universe right now but that game is on a whole different level and scale.. Not saying anything bad about cardlife here, just that it's different and I think, while maybe 'cooler' the current building model suits the game better.

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    Hey guys - yes that's right, we did use to have a very different system with a pretty high level of freedom, but after testing we refined it into the CTD system you see today.

    The issue was, that with a high level of freedom comes a high level of complexity. People were able to operate within much wider parameters, but the lack of, for example, snapping made the whole thing a lot less intuitive. This was live for quite some time months, and after collecting a huge amount of save files (back in the day!) decided that the system we have now would be a better direction. We certainly didn't have anything even close to some of the amazing buildings we're seeing pop up now.

    So it's not so much a technical concern, as a gameplay one. Thanks for asking though, it was fun to dig back into retro CardLife!

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