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Thread: Building Live & DevBlog 37

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    Building Live & DevBlog 37

    Hey All,

    We have just release Patch 36 which includes our very first version of building. Here are the major changes:

    • Building has now been released:
    • Currently this is an early prototype version of building that allows you to build structures
    • You can craft the pieces using the inventory crafting system from all available resources (wood, stone and all the ores)
    • At the moment different materials are just cosmetic but they will provide different stats in a future update
    • The materials are placeholder
    • You will need to place a foundation piece onto the terrain before you can add any further pieces

    • When holding a building piece - if you hover over a placed piece in the world, it will highlight the positions that the held piece can be connected to:
    • The G key cycles through different positions (i.e. rotations etc)
    • The Delete key deletes the placed piece
    • Pressing the Left Mouse button will place that piece
    • You will only be able to interact with building pieces you have placed and in the current session (i.e. if you log out you will not be able to continue building where you left off until we add saving and loading which should be coming in the next update)
    • Building pieces are handled slightly differently to tools when using the Connect the Dot (CTD) system:
    • You can only cut holes in the pieces - not change the outer shape. This is to make sure that pieces always fit together
    • Holes are temporary at the moment and will eventually be filled with another material i.e. glass to ensure that a building is always structurally sound
    • Not all pieces that you craft will be customisable with the CTD interface such as stairs
    • The rule of thumb is that if there is a piece of card large enough to have a design drawn into it, we will make it customisable - for example stairs do not fit this description
    • Other people being able to destroy your house, decorations and interactive building pieces will be released at a later date
    • Please note: Founders items will be released in an upcoming building launch. They didn't quite make into this build but we thought it better to release it early so everyone can try it out.
    • A scroll bar has been added to the inventory crafting window
    • Nameplates and in-world health bars have been added
    • Hunger and health regeneration have been fixed

    We have also released a new DevBlog which you can find here:


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    And sweet it is!

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