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Thread: Grief alert - udprdsd

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    I mean if they are going for raiding as well I don't see an issue with it in the future.

    But yeah you are right. In the games current state I think raiding should not be allowed because there is no real way to protect yourself.
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    A raid is not walking into someone's structure and digging a few holes to wreck the scenery. That is vandalism and griefing.

    Frankly I can't take a person who just hits a few keys at random for his character name very serious, it's a sign of trouble IMO. The complete nonsense reasoning behind doing what he did does not help build a pretty picture either.

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    Someone who's played 50h + making buildings can just be destroyed withing few minutes of someone who just started to join the server, happened to come across your builds and start vandalizing.

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    Ok let’s set the record straight.

    1. I chopped down 2 trees near his fort I needed the wood that’s what trees are for.
    2. He killed my character and stole all my stuff.
    3. The only weapon left to me is dirt so dig holes everywhere.
    4. Not a ruining but retaliation big difference.

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