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Thread: Grief alert - udprdsd

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    Grief alert - udprdsd

    He griefed my beautiful town and beach surroundings.
    He placed sand all over the beach shore now it looks ugly and he dug holes and destroyed all my trees in my town.
    Now my town doesn't look natural.

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    Look at this shit! This beach was beautiful before.
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    Welcome to the internet.. I feel your pain but I'd suggest keeping your composure. All you can do right now is report this.

    I get how it is no fun and frustrating but be better than that. Your response is exactly what he is after and so he wins. Don't let him.

    As far as I am concerned people like this one can get a insta and permaban, I agree these types only ruin the game for the rest of us and once they get a foothold they'll multiply like the rodents they are. Unfortunately it's a downside of devs making the bold move of keeping the cost to get in the game low.

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    What a sad little boy you are, I dig some holes in a mining game and chop some trees in a resource gathering game so you kill me and nick all my stuff and now this baby rant, you need a life mate, it’s a game where you dig and chop what did you expect. Oh dear....

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    Quote Originally Posted by UDPRDSD View Post
    What a sad little boy you are...
    How do you know he is little?

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    Out of all places, how big this place is, it has to be in MY town?
    I asked you plenty of times, and you never replied. I find that you lack respect of other people's belongings and hard work.
    This game is still under development, and I'm trying to record videos based on my town to help people understand this amazing game,
    and you just had to build next to me. I have 5 others living in the same area as I am, and they all kept their distance and respect each other's work.

    Just dont build around my area, thats all I'm saying. I'm gonna try to fix this beach that you destroyed. You even destroyed the yard of Lisha, which you dug a hole
    next to her Stone Foundation and Bed. What are they gonna do now that they can't properly build and enjoy this game?

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    i got some weeks ago also a idiot, he put everywhere dirt, on the stairs before the doors and so on. then i ask in a tread if cardlife can make dirt like building piece so that they cant put it in your buildings, maby same like dig holes is a kind of building activity, so also not in mine surrounding

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    Hi guys,

    This is a complicated issue - we're restricted to PVP servers only at the moment, so everyone is forced to share the same space for now. While we obviously want to see the great creativity that makes our community so cool, we also don't want to discourage the PVP which is a core component of the game. On that note, I'd like to politely ask everyone to try and get along - we've got a really nice community going here so we want to try and keep things respectful.

    This does give me a chance to raise the subject of base raiding mechanics though - that's something we'll be moving towards as we get more PVP elements into the game and we have some very cool plans. You'll be pleased to know you'll be able to put up walls, electric fences, force fields, turrets, etc to prevent this type of thing happening. We'll also have official PvE servers, and for those more interested in showcasing their building ability, single player and dedicated servers will always be available.

    Please remember, we're all here to have fun in CardLife, whether that be for combat or for building!

    That goes for forum interactions too, let's keep it civil please.

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    So are you going to go for these types of things instead of land claiming? If so I think that will be a very cool mechanic.

    But it sounds though with a system like that you could get a lot of turrets and just lazer people? or will you have a way to combat that or will the PvP just work in such a way it will combat itself?
    I may be an echo but I am faster than light!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamF View Post
    This is a complicated issue - we're restricted to PVP servers only at the moment
    You'll be pleased to know you'll be able to put up walls, electric fences, force fields, turrets, etc to prevent this type of thing happening.
    What's happening here has nothing to do with PVP. The offender is not out for a fight he just deliberately goes and destroys what someone made just because he can. Griefing IMO should be prohibited by the game TOS and those who choose to be jerks removed from the game. The defenses you mention are not going to help as he will just throw up a pile of junk or build some nonsense structure right outside the fense just to p*ss someone off. Again, this guy is obviously not out to engage in PVP as his rather childish and silly response here shows.

    If you catch, kill and loot someone while out and about, that is PVP. coming into someones creation to just deface it is not, it's called griefing. is generally frowned upon as basic vandalism and should be a bannable offence.

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