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Thread: DevBlog 36 - Weekly Udpate

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    DevBlog 36 - Weekly Udpate

    Hey All,

    It's DevBlog time again

    I have just posted DevBlog 36 - which goes into more detail about Building, AI and a potential PVP playtest. You can check it out here


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    That PVP playtest sounds good! I WILL CRUSH YOU ALL.

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    Also, and idea for how to conduct a playtest is like Ultra Hardcore in Minecraft. The way it works is you get a certain amount of time, usually 30 minutes, to gather resources. After that time, the players can decide to either meet up and have an organized battle, or the players can just have at each other if they see somebody to fight.

    Another thing is can you add a way to scroll through the comments? That way, if you missed something, you can find it again and read it.
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    Hey Cake,

    Thanks for the suggestions. We are going to have the playtest this Friday (07/07/2017) at 3 pm BST (GMT +1)

    See you in-game

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    It seemed to go pretty well. People turned up to the fight, bugs were hunted, and crashes were dumped. I'd call that a success!

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    That was fun Zhang and thank you for not burying your sword in my head when we discovered the Tree Cutting bug. I appreciate the time you spent investigating that one with me.

    It was fun having a look at everyone's Character creations but things turned hostile MUCH sooner than I expected (in a good way) I guess the temptation to sucker punch someone in the back of the head is too strong, especially when you get to loot their inventory. A few unofficial alliances formed naturally during the course of the playtest which was fun. The small Art team quickly buddied up and camped out on a hillside where we had a good view of the chaos happening below us. I love how far the draw distance is with the characters, you can spot someone bouncing along the side of a mountain from miles away. This is going to be great fun when the building goes in and we have persistent characters.

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    I'm more than happy to switch between kill everything and kill the bugs as appropriate (shh, I'm not that hot at PvP play really). You didn't need me trying to kill you when you're investigating a bug - that'd just be irritating!

    Draw distances are great, building is eagerly awaited, and persistent characters will be good.

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    Oh no! I missed the PvP playtest!

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    Don't worry - we will do another test in the near future

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