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Thread: Tree fails to fall

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    Question Tree fails to fall

    Expected behaviour
    I cut across the bottom of a tree, and then the tree falls down once I've severed it. I expected it to make a noise as it fell.

    Observed behaviour
    I worked on cutting the bottom of a tree using the axe. Once I'd cut across the bottom of the tree, instead of it falling, the lower portion just disappeared, leaving the branches in place. The non-falling tree failed to make a noise.

    Reproduction steps
    Sorry, despite making a number of attempts to carry out the same operation, I have not been able to reproduce this.

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    Thanks for the info Zhang.

    I'm wondering it might be related to the roots that go underground - so in essence even though it looks like it is cut all the way through it actually isn't. We'll definitely look into it.


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    I was thinking the same thing Rich. I'll take a look at this on Monday.

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    Thanks guys. Is there any template you want bug reporters to use?

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    We don't have anything formal at the moment - so how you have been reporting them is fine.

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    I cut a tree all the way through, and instead of falling down, the top just completely disappeared.
    The roots were still in place, so I proceeded on chopping them down some more, than decided to dig down to see how far they'd go.
    Then I fell through the ground.
    That's also the only time I actually played the game so far, so I'll update when I have more info on this.

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    Thanks for the feedback Retodon8, I believe the bugs with the trees have been fixed and will no longer be there when the next build goes live.
    As for falling through the terrain, a lot of us experienced this during last Friday's PvP play test. We have a new collision system that will hopefully be implemented soon so that bug should imminently be squashed.

    Keep the bug reports and suggestions coming though and hope to see you online the next time we have a playtest.

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    Hey Mike, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I've witnessed it happen again on one tree. I can't see any way of reproducing this though!

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    Yeah this might be something to do with the server mismatch we are seeing with trees - it's on the buglist to fix.

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