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Thread: plz Mack dis free

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    but the dev is freejar ? and why its "free"jar if the game are not free

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    but the dev is freejar ? and why its "free"jar if the game are not free

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    Would any of you fine gentlemen like to support the developers again by buying me a copy?

    All kidding aside, everyone needs to eat, dude. Further everything that Ive come across about this game makes me think that its worth at least what theyre asking for it.

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    It's absolutely worth the price.
    Plus OP, if you're going to criticise the cost at the very least can you not simply put "mack dis free" it doesn't do your argument any favours and will generally be disregarded completely.

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    I am very happy to pay for this game. Far better than minecraft and for much less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simplyimagi View Post
    The Game should not be free. Is Minecraft Free?? How about Ark or Conan??? They are like 60 bucks aside from minecraft which i think is like 26 or so dollars. So what would the payoff of this game being free?? I would rather pay for a game than have Micro transactions just so you can win or advance.
    Minecraft is 5 usd

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    where are you buying minecraft for 5$ ?

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    I hate when people ask for things for free.

    How about you come work for me for free ? I'd much prefer free labor than paid labor unless I'm the one doing the work hehe.

    If you cant afford 6$ for a game, i assume you are 10.

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