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Thread: plz Mack dis free

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    Thumbs up plz Mack dis free

    mack it free

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    No support. The devs are working very hard to making an amazing game that is both fun and beautiful. They deserve every penny they ask for.

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    Yeah of course make it free... I spent only 5 € (6 USD) and I have a lot of fun so far. These 5 € were totally worth it! Smoke less, drink less alcohol or spent 5 €/$6 less on fast food or something unhealthy^^

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    I was happy to pay the $6 for this. What little that I've played has been worth every dime. I have ZERO problems sharing my cash to developers that deserve it and need it for their project. I got Minecraft when it was still only $12. Then, like now, some of the best money I've ever spent!

    Thanks guys!

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    Do not agree.

    This game should not be free as there is, and will be, a lot to this game it seems. I had no problem paying what little they asked of me and I have been talking about this game to friends too.
    $6 is a very very low price for this game.
    Keep up the great work, devs!

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    this game is great so far i would have payed 10
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    i got this game but have a spud for a pc and can not run it on low i keep crashing but its still worth the 6 usd tho XD

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    Why would they make it free. Its already basically free as is anyways. If you cant afford 6 dollars than go mow a neighbors lawn or something for 20 bucks.

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    My computer can hardly run this game and it was still worth the money, better than buying a couple coffees.

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    The Game should not be free. Is Minecraft Free?? How about Ark or Conan??? They are like 60 bucks aside from minecraft which i think is like 26 or so dollars. So what would the payoff of this game being free?? I would rather pay for a game than have Micro transactions just so you can win or advance.
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