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Thread: Nice Youtubers playing Cardlife

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    Nice Youtubers playing Cardlife

    So if you guys know any youtubers playing this game, i would love to watch it!
    even if you stream or make videos for yourself!

    I'm watching GrayStillPlays playing right now.

    Please share some more ^^

    Ps. LOVE the game!

    Sorry if this is allready a topic on the forum. Cant find it ^^

    Maybe i'm blind. o.O

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    I learned about this game through Paul Soares Jr.
    I was actually watching his videos on Pantropy and considering if I was going to back it or not. His Cardlife videos popped up in my recommended and I fell in love with it. I couldn't pass up being a founder and being able to test out the game!

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    Besides Paul Soares Jr. I watched a very nice youtuber called GameEdged play some Cardlife:

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    @Rotsuoy nice! I'm subscribed to his channel for some time now, how could i miss this! :O

    @Kenn What a relaxing voice this guy hass

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    This is such a great post. I learned about the game from Splattercat and then saw Graystillplays do an episode and instantly wanted to become a founder. I'm really looking forward to sticking by this game and watching it grow.

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    I found this game through Keralis, very sweet YouTuber.

    I streamed it last night - Had a hoot!!
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    For all german viewers - here is the playlist of my Cardlife Let's Play in German / Deutsch:

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    This is a lovely thread guys, lots of great videos on here. Keep 'em coming

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    Hi !

    I'm Iman and introduce myself as 'Spanish CardLife Comunity Pioneer'.

    I started a project who attempt to promote CardLife in Spanish people (Spain-Latin-AllWhoSpeakSpanish). Well, I started with a first video (introduction) in my YouTube Channel, but I'm working right now in a WEBsite. I'll make a "tracking" of the game, in spanish. Guides translation (if I can), socials tracking and sharing, etc.

    I'm not to bad seller ... in the first hour or the YT video, I help to sell a few copys of CardLife into my "subscribers/friends", and they told me: 'CardLife is great'. I think CardLife is awesome aswell.

    That's why I started my personal 'CardLife Spanish Promotional Project'

    If you like to help me, you could share this first video on social nets.

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