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Thread: what are your ideas that need added

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    what are your ideas that need added

    there needs to be an inventory option and a crafting option
    more items and more craftables

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    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the feedback.

    We are actually working on inventory and crafting right now so stay tuned


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    There are some obvious things that I'm sure the team is working on, like there is already an inventory and crafting window in game which shows promise.

    I come from the recently cancelled creative building game 'Landmark' so there are some similarities I'm seeing and some things I like better in CardLife. One of the features I'm seeing here that I like is the varied harvesting speed for ground materials like dirt, stone, and sand. That's a good start for improved tools and helping create a need for the crafting system.

    Assuming the terrain is voxel based, something that existed in Landmark, I'd love to see the voxels retain their harvest levels so you don't have to start from scratch every time you stop to do something. For example: you're harvesting and then some wolves attack so you have to defend yourself. When you go back to harvesting that spot within a short time allowance, it'll remember that you were already half way done and allow you to continue from that point. This would reduce some of that grinding feeling and make for a more fluid game experience.

    I'm a huge fan of customization, along with most players I think, so I really see a lot of creative options as a need. For instance, the option to paint our characters, gear, and buildings different colors. For the extra special loot there could be some higher quality textures (artistic design) to make them stand out.

    Another thing I was thinking about kind of along the lines of painting things, to be able to draw some on the face of the shapes. Right now, it seems like the direction shown is to make the shapes of things but what if I want to make some drawn brick lines on a wall? Have a way to use the existing system to draw on that shape, maybe using the existing icon of the paint brush that's in the editor already.

    One thing I'd say needs to be a concern is combat. Sure Minecraft is simple with just one attack type per weapon but I think people are beyond that now. The popularity of Overwatch, MOBAs, and FPS games tell me that players can handle and enjoy characters with a minimal but complex toolkit. In Landmark they started out that way and then switched to a 2 ability set because they felt their vocal fans were the majority and ended up drawing major flak. People stopped playing PvP all together (averaging less than 1 match a day for all the servers combined) and only engaged in PvE combat when they absolutely had to, because it wasn't fun or engaging. I'm not sure if it's best to tie abilities to items or as a class preset (if those are even in) but I think a limit of 4 or 5 abilities at a time is critical. Some of the fun in crafting and adventuring is finding the best set that works for your play style which means options of things to craft and things to loot while you're harvesting for crafting supplies. Having a diverse combat style will help with the core gameplay loop and keep people engaged. I should be clear though, I'm not advocating a complicated or overloaded system of choices like trying to hotkey everything in World of Warcraft. The best I can offer as an example is Overwatch, with a limited amount of actions that pair well and create an engaging group component.

    Building is a big thing for me too, having gotten to experience the highest fidelity and single greatest building experience in the history of building games: Landmark. No, I'm not kidding. It was the best building by far and will likely never be duplicated for years to come. Here's a couple pics of things I personally built to illustrate my point:

    I don't expect that kind of building from any game anytime soon, but after getting to make literally anything I wanted I've got a hankering for lots of customization. Searching on Steam for building games and you get tons of games like H1Z1 and RUST which are not really building games. Seeing the art direction of CardLife is is giving me hope that I'll once again be able make something that doesn't look exactly like the person next to me. Custom shapes for building would be awesome. I've read that there is intent to allow people redo their walls to look like castle bits and stuff and that's heading in the right direction for me. Now if the building positions aren't socket locked then I'll be drooling all over my keyboard. Add to that the same unlocked ability to add decorations we craft... oh wow I'm getting my hopes up here. Ultimately I don't know exactly how the building is going to turn out but I hope it leans towards as much customization as possible.

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    Hey Eleven,

    First of all 'Thank You' for being a Founder of CardLife

    You mentioned a few different big topics so let me address them separately:

    That's an interesting idea. Our plan at the moment is for you to be able to create much better tools than you currently have - that go from mundane tools like a Pickaxe and Spade to more advanced technological machines that allow you to harvest much faster. Hopefully this means that getting interrupted mid harvest (mid to end game) should only cost you second at most. The aim here is for harvesting resources to become more fluid as you progress - and it being less about how fast it takes to edit the world and more about finding those rare resources.

    It is our intention for you to be able to eventually paint on top of your creations that you craft through the Connect the Dots system. Initially this will be in the form of changing the base color of pieces of card that you draw, for example changing a grey wolf to a black wolf. But eventually we want to give you the full flexibility to paint whatever you want (i.e. essentially making your own textures). There are technical challenges we need to overcome here but we're confident we can overcome them. We also are planning on offering you the ability to cut into pieces of card, so you can draw your own face for example. This will also tie heavily into building which I touch on down below.

    We think customization within the game world is critical to CardLife and we want people to be able to really put there stamp on everything they make. This is a lofty goal and we fully expect to hit bumps along the road - but that's our vision.

    In terms of combat - here's our take. We want to allow you to define your combat playstyle through the gear that you equip and craft. Let me break it down:

    The majority of your primary stats (health, stamina, mana) will come from Golden Souls - these are souls that find from defeating golden variants of creatures around the world. These souls allow you to create your own pet version of this creature or you can equip them to gain their particular set of stats i.e. a dragon would have lots of health, a lich would have lots of mana. This is our version of levelling and will allow you to tailor what stats you want as a priority. For example: want to be tank, equip high health golden souls - you will be able to equip up to 3 of these at a time.

    The next layer is equipment which comes in the shape of armor (light & heavy), weapons (melee & ranged) and gear. This will be the next layer of defining what type of class you want to be - a dual wield melee, a sniper, a wizard etc. Each weapon type will have their own standard attack and power attack and you will be able to seamlessly switch between weapon types in combat. Gear will also offer you some extra abilities that will be more crowd control orientated.

    The third layer is magic which is totally customisable i.e. you can make your own custom spells. Spells can be used as a primary form of damage or as components in the crafting process to enchant your weapons. This will allow you to create different weapons for different situations. Everyone can also use magic as long as they have the mana to do so.

    And lastly - pets. Everyone can have a pet which will fight with you in combat. These pets will be created from Golden Souls that you acquire and you will be able to command them in combat to do your bidding.

    We feel this will offer a lot of options to players and provide the necessary depth for an engaging combat system for both PVE and PVP. Think Skyrim rather than Minecraft.

    At the moment the plan is to offer a socket locked building system that you can customize through the Connect the Dots system that allows you to create custom structures. So you can draw the size and shape of your doors for example or you can tweak the fences into ramparts. You will also be able to use the same system you use to draw your face in your character to create custom designs in any of the building pieces.

    Landmark was a unique and incredible piece of technology that allowed you to create amazing buildings - it's a shame it got cancelled. Within CardLife we want to harness that creativity - but for a purpose - as bases will also be where you store your loot and that will need to be protected from raiders if you play on a PVP server. So you will also need to build defense and machinery to protect your base.

    If you just wanted to build though and be creative we will also offer an avenue for that through modding - so that you can create whatever custom shapes you want with whatever locked positions that you desire and then run a custom server for people to play. This is something we want to heavily encourage and will be very simple to do.

    I hope this offers you some insight into what our plans are.


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    That's awesome Rich, I had not learned enough about the combat and crafting systems prior to becoming a founder. A friend showed me one of your videos and I signed up right away because the visuals and CTD was more interesting to me than other comparable games out there. It's nice to know that you guys have a deeper crafting and combat system planned than I expected. Now I'm really excited to see how it all comes together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleven View Post
    I come from the recently cancelled creative building game 'Landmark' so there are some similarities I'm seeing and some things I like better in CardLife.
    Heh, you mean like a Voxel Farm foundation? How many LandMark refugees are currently hanging out in CardLife now?

    I definitely want to see something that unleashes creativity, and the ability to integrate mods intrigues me although I understand this is likely to be some way in the future given the current roadmap.
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    Here's a quick one: inverted controls.
    (Quick to mention anyway, I once read not that quick to implement in the engine.)
    I'm talking about inverting the Y-axes for looking up and down, what used to be normal, what is nowadays called "inverted".
    You get used to playing sort of upside down after a while, but it's hard to get used to getting used to what you're used to again after that.

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    Hey Retondon8,

    Thanks for the suggestion. It is in the plan to offer people the ability to change their controls including inverting the mouse.

    I totally know what you mean once you get used to playing one way


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