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Thread: Mouse Adjustment......

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    So, can someone give me a brief explanation of how to do this?

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    so basically

    Step One: Download A program that supports Code Format. I Use Visual Studios Code, Other Use Notepad++. Any Program that can Edit Json Files.

    Step 2 Study The Code

    Step 3 Edit Code. Just Digits nothing else.

    Step 4 Test Code in game....

    Will Put a better more detailed tutorial on how i do it later. Kinda short on time right now.

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    I have the same problem as KyoKnightly in that no matter what I try, turn speed doesn't change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theesle View Post
    I have the same problem as KyoKnightly in that no matter what I try, turn speed doesn't change.
    Update: I tried changing the move speed to see if it was the file just not really working, but it worked just fine. Seems to just be the sensitivity not working right.

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    I'm sorta glad that I'm not the only one seeming to have this issue. Though I am really confused as to why others change it and it works and then some do the exact same things, and it doesn't change anything. I'm wondering now if maybe it has something to do with my mouse, though I really hope not, since I love this mouse. For anyone that is wondering, or that might ask, my mouse is a Logitech, the one with the blue track ball on the side to move the cursor around.

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    I dont think it would have anything to do with the mouse. I Have one of those Azza Gaming mouse's but no special options that im aware of. I havent tried to change the mouse speed back to see if its affected. Might try that later.

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    So should I be able to also slow it down below the default without anything buggy happening?

    I should really start looking at the game files to see what can be done with them at the moment.

    I hear they are json files so that will make things a little difficult for me though.
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    I edit with Visual Studio Code... Theres have used notepad+. They are pretty simple to edit granted you have an understanding of coding. Always use youtube to find tutorials.
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    Maybe get a better mouse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ___ View Post
    Maybe get a better mouse?
    How about getting the bloody game fixed?

    It has nothing to do with the mouse. What an idiotic reply. If you are not going to help then stay out of it.

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