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Thread: World Map & Controls

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    Cool World Map & Controls

    Hi all,

    I thought I'd put the map of the world here to find it a bit more easily in the future.
    Little help to navigate: The clouds are heading from the south to the north at the moment, but later they will be randomised. This will be corrected later and this post will be updated when we changed this.

    [In UPDATE v0.52]
    The sun rises on the east and sets on the west, so does the moon.


    Furthermore, here are the controls of the game:

    W - Move forward
    A - Move left
    S - Move backwards
    D - Move right
    Shift - Sprint
    Shift + LMB - Split items
    LMB - use tools, collect items, place structures, attack
    RMB - while you hold a structure it rotates some of them, or places items into the hotbar from inventory or from inventory to the crafting table
    I - Enter inventory
    M - Brings up the map. Once you have a Compass and equipped it in one of accessories slots it will also show your position on the map and which way you are facing.
    F - Put away the tool you hold and allow free hand mode
    E - use chests / forge / furnace
    F8 - 3rd person (the current version we have in for debug reasons, it will be updated later to be a proper 3rd person view)
    Enter - activate chat
    Tab - voice chat
    Number keys - selects the respective slot on your hotbar, if the hotbar is empty it selects your arms
    Del - Remove placed items (resources are not coming back at the moment, it just removes structures)

    Moving items can be done by dragging and dropping items between the inventory / crafting and chest slots or as mentioned above by RMB.
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    Hey cool, I've yet to make it much past the beginning zone! I see shorelines, which equates water. Is there shore and an ocean surrounding the island?

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    It's not in the game yet, but there will be oceans/water, yes!

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    Cool. Pretty neat.

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    Are there gonna be little islands or small pieces of land where one can start a base?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CybersoulPR View Post
    Are there gonna be little islands or small pieces of land where one can start a base?
    I like the idea of small islands surrounding the main land. Rivers passing through would be neat too!

    Is there anyway the map can be updated with an initial spawn point location? I notice always spawning in at the same spot, I would love to know where specifically that is so I can venture out accordingly
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    Could we get access to the map and a position indicator on it ASAP please? I just tried to play with a friend and we spent half an hour trying to find each other and gave up. Very promising game though

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    Is there a scale?

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    That is great

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