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Thread: Convenient info in one spot

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    Could someone add some info on mining & ores here, seems like a good spot for that kind of information.

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    Hey Subgamer,

    Sure, happy to help! What kind of info are you looking for? The wiki could be a good place to start

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    I was thinking along the lines of spawn rates & depths -I've seen plenty of copper & iron but no gold or cobalt-. Also maybe mining techniques/ideas for good mine setups. The maneuvering, ore vein formation, and cave systems are a bit different from most open world mining type games so some of the standard strategies don't seem quite as effective.

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    Does the game run on Mac?

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    From other threads on here, apparently it does not.

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    Just to confirm, no we don't currently support mac unfortunately!

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    Did someone mention the DEER Soul?

    Just found an Elite deer:

    Health +45
    Stamina +44
    Armor +7
    Resistance +7
    Damage +6

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    This is very helpful information for a new player like me, thank you.

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    standing on top of/near the center of bushes/trees doesnt work anymore as of devblog 80.
    But now you can keep the LMB pressed inbetween bushes

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    And oh, the fastest way to cut a tree is to make 4 aimed holes at the thinnest part 2018-06-30_15-57-42.jpg

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