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Thread: CardLife in Steam

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    How soon until cardlife will be on steam and do you think when it is it will no longer have the founders edition when its on steam?

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    is 4 gigs of ram enough?

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    Yes, we won't be changing the required specifications for CardLife before we hit Steam.

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    I have seen games on steam with less content, and more bugs. Better to get it on there as soon as you can but then again I would rather have you release it on GOG.

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    We're slowly working towards a Steam launch.

    In terms of whether the Founder's Pack will be available or not - it probably won't but it will all depend on our price point when we got onto Steam.

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    the game is release on steam now,but how do i change my game to steam vision?(do i spell wrong?my english not too good)

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    *A disheveled, wild eyed, misanthropic hermit pokes his head out of the bushes*
    *Realizes HE is the hermit*
    *Closes his mouth and slowly returns to the bushes, so as to not disturb the native wildlife*

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    Are there advantages to playing on Steam instead of through the launcher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosopher View Post
    Are there advantages to playing on Steam instead of through the launcher?
    My hope is easier to add mods.

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    There are no advantages to playing through Steam rather than the launcher. Some players find Steam more convenient and like all their games being in one unified launcher, so it really depends on if you're a regular Steam user or not.

    You don't lose anything by transfering over.

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