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Thread: Should I get this game..

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    Should I get this game..

    The game looks amazing and gameplay so far looks decent,Plus the price is pretty low so far. I'm just weary of FreeJam after what they did with Robocraft. Any Heads-up?

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    I'd say that if you're interested in what the game will offer in the future then buy it now when the price is low. You will get all the 'planned game features' as seen on the main website front page.

    To quote Rich (the game director of CardLife)

    The game is currently planned to be a pay up front title i.e. you pay one fee and you get the game. We are not currently planning on a free to play model.

    The current Founder's Pack is a way of purchasing the game right now and all Founder's will receive future updates for free apart from major DLC expansion packs (think new map, lots new creatures etc)
    The price will only continue to go up over time as more features are released.

    Glad to see you're interested in the vision of CardLife though.
    Lead Artist on Cardlife

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    I don't know man, it looks like a cardboard cutout

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