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Thread: Promotional Code?

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    No, not exactly. What they mean is that you can buy the game on another website, and enter the code given from said website in to the Promo Code box, then you will get the game from here.

    Edit: I just noticed that this got posted now, instead of when he posted that question, sorry guys, don't know what happened.
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    Don't ask for free keys or anything, this game is buy only... this forum isn't some vermillion game cracking/hacking place :/

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    It means that some websites buy the game so they can sell it with higher prices. So the website gets money in exchange of advertising the game to the public.

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    Will this game come out on steam?

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    Hey Rayvdarklord,

    Yep game will be coming to Steam at some point before the end of 2018. CardLife being available on Steam is a key part of the game's progression from early alpha to beta and beyond.


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    i lost my promo code that is sent to

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