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Thread: Setting up a "dedicated" server

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    It works for me now DD

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    Yeah, there was an issue at the CL end, and they had to make some changes. This should mean it now works for everyone!

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    Two things I noticed with the server, the first I mentioned elsewhere;

    1. no way to wipe, oddly enough if I run the server from another machine it still spawns the same world even after w full reinstall and clearing all related files files
    2. if you run a (home) server which has a power setting to go to sleep, this will disconnect the server. The server should prevent the machine from going to sleep

    I get these may be fixed down the line and at this point its' obviously not a big or major issue but wanted to share here..

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    Guys I've got my server all set up but when I run my start batch file it just starts for a second then closes
    am I missing something

    Never mind. Figured it out myself.
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    The information in this thread is now outdated.

    A number of changes have been made to how the game works, and the information below is now incorrect. Things are easier now, but I'm investigating a few things before I try to write up things.

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