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Thread: Some bugs and problems I'm experiencing.

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    Hi, Here's another bug. As always I'll add a few and email the list with the latest log file once I have a few.

    35- Building bug. Seems to be a collision issue. When building a house with 2 slanted roof parts like image "A" The triangle wall part made a sound like it was installed but was invisible. Instead it was floating in mid air. See pic "B". I went on the roof and saw they were floating on both side of my house. I tried building a dirt stair to delete them but once they are floating, we can't interact with the part anymore. See Pic "C". Even after reloading the game, the parts could not be interacted with and stayed like that.
    36- It is impossible for me to connect to server 6. Every single time, I get a "You have been disconnected from the server" error. All the others work.
    37- I dug a hole large enough for me to fall from the surface to the bottom at the end of the map. Instead off falling all the way down, I get teleported after a short fall and it loops. It's in server 1 near the main spawning point surrounded by torches next to my mine. I think fall damage should be done in stead of teleporting.
    38- I lost A LOT of rare ore from Server 1. Related to number 32. It started with dirt that was corrupted. I made a box and try to get rid of it. I reloaded the game but the dirt returned. I did that a few time. I ultimately filled all my slots with ore and reloaded then the corrupted dirt item disappeared. I put everything back in boxes. When I open them again, they were partially empty. Before loosing everything like in server 2, I'll keep all inventory on myself. As of now, I don't trust any boxes to store inventory. They are broken seriously. This seems to be a major issue that deserve a close follow up. The current main objective is all about finding ore but if we can't safely store it, it defeat the main purpose of the current game . Please follow up. FOLLOW UP The bug originally affecting the dirt that kept coming back in inventory has spread to all the ore in my inventory meaning if I put everything in a storage box and reload the game, they all appear in my inventory deleting anything I might have have in hand. If I put all the inventory in boxes and get killed, inventory appears in the spot where I die. Server 1 and 2 and 6 are affected with this inventory bug. Please help.

    I'm about to send you my latest log file.
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    Hi, DigitalEntity149, and thank you for your response in my thread regarding broken crates.
    Just thought I'd tell you what I do with dirt, which I actually found a good use for. I fill in holes in the ground near my cabin.
    I got chased by a bear once (or twice) and got trapped in a hole near my cabin. Fortunately, the bear lost interest before I fell in the hole. I decided to see if I could fill in the hole with the massive collection of dirt I acquired.
    I slotted the dirt in slot 6 of my Active Inventory Tray, and found I was able to swap from tools to dirt with the activation keys. Using the mouse I filled in the hole (which took a while), then logged out and back in again to see if it was permanent, and thankfully it was! So, now when I feel I have too much dirt, I can just drop it, or fill in holes with it! (You can do the same with stone and snow too!)

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    Hi Micronoid,

    This is a known issue, we are working on fixing this by the next release.

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    Hi Neo,

    The issue I have is I can't use or put the items in boxes at all. I can't even loose it when I die. I normally use the dirt to build stairs in caves & mines. I dig much. Kudos on finding that trick thought!
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    Hi Again. In server 5, I'm now affected by the same bug as server 2. What ever I put in boxes will be erased after I reload the game. Looking forward for a fix.

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    There are certain points in maps where the unpacking terrain takes longer than usual. If you die near one of these points, it is impossible to recuperate the inventory you drop since getting close to it involves getting close to the animal that killed you. You can always try to lure the animal away from these points but if you have bad luck where the animal cannot be lured away, you will always get stuck in an unpacking and get killed while the terrain loads. Unpacking kills are the worst.

    I decided to stop playing for a while since all the server I go to has one issue or another or a bug gets too annoying. This game has started to be repetitive and frustrating to play. Also, all the servers are deserted and no one is there to play with. Perhaps when the bugs will be iron out and an update release I will return. But I need to distance myself from the current version.

    In the mean time I will try to play Robocraft Royale.

    Good luck.
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    Sorry to hear of your frustrations DE - hopefully when the new update hits we can see you in-game again! Thanks for all the bug reports over the last couple of months, they've been really helpful!

    Stay tuned for the update very soon!

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