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Thread: Stencils and electronics

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    Stencils and electronics

    I think stencils would be nice in this game, draw your stencils once and have have them available on the drawing screen like a paint brush. That way I could make my walls have little star windows with ease. I think unlike what follows below this is straight forward. Writing on signs would be much easier with stencils, too.

    I heard a bird whisper that sooner or later in this game there are supposed to be machines, like jackhammers to make mining ore easier. But who will control these machines, I am already to lazy to open and close my door every time I enter my building. So this game is obviously in need of some automisation. but while in a certain other game I need an airplane hangar to build a calculator in this game you can just draw circutry dicrectly onto a copperwall especially since you already have stencils for the different logic gates.

    I think with stencils and electronics even people who arent into math and logic gates as much as I can have a lot of possible benefits, like telling the Jackhammer in which pattern to dig would be as easy as just stencling out some arrows on a board, a copperboard with a simple switch sign stenciled in would be switch, next to a lightsource it would switch on and off the lightsource. Of course it would be easier to connect it to this to the lightswitch below which turns on the light automatically when the sun goes down.

    Want your doors to open to close and open depending on your proximitry, want your machine to automatically dig a trench around your house? Want your turrets to shoot bears not humans? Want your artificial moon to only glow in the dark?

    Vote stencils and electronics now!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. This a cool idea and I will definitely add it to our list of ideas.

    In terms of automation - the plan at the moment is to have this built into the things you craft - for example doors will eventually become Facial Recognition doors that you can craft that will open based on your character. You will then be able to add other players to it so the door will open automatically for them too - this means that there is a benefit beyond just making your door stronger to upgrading it.

    Things like this that are powered will need electricity and you will have to hook them up using simple cable and switches to a generator. We plan on offering a fair amount in terms of this so people can create cool things like traps etc

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