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Thread: Yuri's attempt to make a flatworld mod

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    Yuri's attempt to make a flatworld mod

    ello random person lookin at forums for a reason.
    when I got cardlife first, I had 2 gb of ram.
    then refunded it. because I didnt had enough ram.
    then bought it back. because I bought a new gpu.
    then refunded it. because ram was still not enough.
    then bought 2 gb more ram.
    then bought it. because I wanted to see if its ok with new gpu.
    then refunded it. because gpu was not powerful enough.
    then tried to buy it again for a month. bought a new powerful gpu.
    then I got it.

    this time, no refunds happenned. but I couldnt play for 2+ months. because of loading screen bugs.
    so I created this mod to reduce ram usage, fasten the loading screen.
    SO lets get back to mod itself.
    there are no trees. and somehow game is faster.
    recommended to play with creative mode.

    what does this mod do?

    this mod generates a world like Minecraft's flat world.
    but it still have hills and mountains.
    and fastens your game. idk if it not fastens, it works good for me.

    this is a simple mod. use this if you are too lazy to do it yourself.

    download mod

    my system specs:
    GPU: GT 710
    RAM: 4GB
    CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6 GHz

    Cardlife: 60 FPS w/ 1920x1080 fastest
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    It is actually possible to make the world entirely flat - but it's not a simple JSON mod and means messing with binaries which will cause issues playing on official servers.

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