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Thread: Too close to another player message and rebuilding

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    Too close to another player message and rebuilding

    I was away for a bit but prob not longer than ~5 days inbetween. I logged in the other day and found my buildings had pieces missing. Including full chests and crafting tables. Now it may have been from the decay but they were in random spots and for wood and stone. i.e. in a row of stairs a middle piece is missing with the rest fine. (maybe I missed something on the decay system again).

    When trying to rebuild, I can't because I get the 'too close' message.
    I can delete parts but not place them back. pointing the cross hairs doesn't get the 'voting' popup.

    Not sure what happened or if anyone else experienced this.

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    #1: If you have a permissions console with a friend added you can try removing, and then reading the friend.
    #2: Sometimes pieces aren't visible (game is early access) but still there - this would prevent you from replacing it.
    #3: Sometimes pieces are visible and are not there (opposite of #2). This happens often when deleting items.

    A reboot will usually fix #2 and #3.
    That is what I've experienced, anyways.

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    All good advice from Winthrop. I would add:

    If you have two areas where you are building, it's sometimes possible for them to overlap. If the permissions are not *exactly* the same, then you cannot build in either area.

    And for the absolute king of all bad reasons: sometimes pieces forget who they are supposed to belong to. So you have your entire house and everything is ok, but one piece thinks it belongs to someone else. That will block you and the only way to solve it is to get the person who "owns" the piece to delete it for you.

    That last one happened to me twice. The voting system fortunately makes it easy to figure out which pieces really belong to you, so if this is what you have, you should be able to find out swiftly.

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    I've recently had the same thing happen (already put in a trouble ticket for it too). I have buildings on two sides of an area, somewhat close together, and a mass of torches all in between. I was able to build in this area before, but now get that "too close" message. Even right up on the side of my own existing buildings too.

    Several resets ago I had the same problem too. I had a big castle already built and logged in one day to find I couldn't build anything in that same exact area. Somehow my permissions for a few building pieces had "jumped" to another player I didn't even have permissions set up for. Devs were able to re-assign permissions all back to me that time.

    Even weirder I once lost all (or most) permissions to that same castle after it had been completed. I couldn't use any of my tables but could access all my chests. Worst still I was inside my main storage room and couldn't open the door to get out. Devs had to fix that one too.

    So it happens, you just have to report the bug and wait patiently till they can get to your ticket.

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