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    Ideas & Fixes

    Hello, i will start of by saying my name is Jakob if you really wanted to know that, i have been speculating over some ideas, some of these ideas have been requested but im just bringing them up for some attention so we could possibly see it in the game.

    1. Grappling hook (Has been requested in other threads) but i would like to see it.

    2. Taming/Riding dinosaurs (The ability to ride dinosaurs after you have tamed them) not too much the ark style where you can destroy everything with them.

    3. Larger doors (Has been requested in other threads)

    4. Grinding I don't personally see as much grinding in this as other games like rust, i would like to see hard work for the tools and other stuff (My personal experience)

    5. FOV Field of view needs to be in a larger scale, its very annoying building and you need to go up on a cliff to see your hard built work.

    6. RAIDING PLEASE I want to see some kind of explosives or some kind of raid tool. I want to see hard work disspear overnight. This would make the game unboring, when you always have the ability to farm for your next target and your enemy

    7. AI Artificial intelligence that's what i would like to see the most for now, the animals being a little bit more flexible they have a little more knowledge, because i have experienced them bugging around the map.

    8. Bugs Just generally fixing the big bugs.

    9. Damage Damage of certain mobs need to be nerfed, some mobs take you down in seconds. Example: Dire wolf is too op, generally just nerf the op mobs or make tools that do alot more damage, because its hard to survive at night without getting really "FUCKED UP".

    10. Lag/Optimize Generally just optimizing lag when entering a zone with a big building.

    11. Door optimize Doors not closing and you have sometimes have to put alot of afford into closing the doors. And you can also walk through doors that should be disabled so you can make airlocks.

    12. Window optimize Unable to shoot through the bar that you have made, so there is really no point in customizing your window if you aren't able to shoot through.

    13. Building system I think its pretty annoying to gotta craft each item if you could make a system like rust where you have a building plan you can right click with to select walls etc. Then you can build with the plan so much easier. Also please fix how the building works its really bugging and wont place sometimes
    I will edit this post when i come up with some more ideas, this is just my thoughts of what needs to be fixed and need to be in the game for now.

    14. More ores & more all More ores, more resources to gather could be cool so the game doesn't get boring and you can always farm for something different, more walls more.

    15. Wall optimize & Caves & Rocks and roof Mobs can walk through my roof which is annoying there is even a layer sand above, i have previous experience with alot alot of mobs going through my roof, they can also go through walls and closed door. Rocks and Caves is not good so far i fell through my rock base into the long deep void but managed to bug my self up

    This is what "I" want in the game and also what i expect to see in the upcoming updates.
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    New Ideas & Fixes added.

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    1: Different color light sources (craft torch + gemstone components).
    2: Translucent tiles made from gemstones.
    3: Public doors that aren't creator doors. (I want to have an open access mine for friends but not give rights to my property - I don't want a marker on the map, either.)
    4: Ability to place grass tiles.
    5: Differentiation for armor such that the leather armor gives +20% damage to ranged weapons, has a backpack, and slightly faster run speed.
    6: Ability to enchant a compass with a sea level indicator.
    7: Expanded map where in addition to the main continent we have a large area with lots of islands.
    8: Craftable hand glider - jump off mountain and glide for a great distance.
    9: Ability to send packages to other players.
    10: Better chat communications (separate chat rooms for different ongoing conversations)

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    1- The ability to delete items in my castle once another user becomes inactive. See:
    2- Day night indicator (craftable item?). When mining, we can't tell if its day or night. Creatures are more active at night. I would be good to know when to prepare.
    3- Sea level / Height indicator (craftable item?). Based from the water level, an way to measure how deep you are to help find ore.
    4- A better way to report and act on trolls, grieffers. No in game mods means they can do whatever they want unchallenged. Perhaps it's time to give mod power to the most active / regulars players?
    5- A 2 part, 1 time use teleporter (craftable item?) We can set (throw?) the receiver where we want to teleport and carry the emitter. When in danger, we can teleport. Kinda like dying but we spawn with all our items, independent of the bed.
    6- A way to pause the game that can prevent us from dying of hunger. Perhaps use the bed to "Sleep".
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