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Thread: Cannot Stay Connected To #9

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    Cannot Stay Connected To #9

    I can join the game for seconds, and then a connection error. (Server #9)
    I'm able to connect to the other servers and play - I connected to #10 and played for 1/2 hr.

    So #9 is my primary server and I cannot stay connected; whereas, several others I tried were no problem.

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    I uninstalled the game and redownloaded it.
    Same problem still - can connect to #9 (I can see recent chat messages) but after 1 second I get a network error.
    No problem connecting and playing on the other servers.

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    All your land is mine now.... Mwuahahaha

    jk hope you figure it out and cya in game soon.

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    Okay, while in Chicago at a Marriot I couldn't connect to Server 9 but I could connect to other servers.
    Now that I'm home I had some difficulty at first but can connect reliably now.

    Where is server 9 located?
    Does it hate Chicago?

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