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Thread: A riddle you shall solve, before this game is no more

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    Question ?5%(3kisret

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    you read me

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    Is this your way of announcing a new server?
    It only left me with one question: Is there any time of demise that isn't ultimate?

    Just funnin' with you.
    So what is your new server's name?

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    Is this talking about Hytale? The game being made by the heavily modded Minecraft Hypixal server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captkirkt View Post
    good job Ro-Bert,but this is only the first part
    publicity of your post is where you might start
    A game with no content, yet incredible fame
    will surely wipe out this platform, if there is no gain
    Looked at Hytale and hated the graphics.
    I really like what they're doing with CardLife.

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