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Thread: We need grappling hook :)

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    We need grappling hook :)

    After playing for some time I became excessively annoyed by how often I fell deeper and deeper into the never-ending caves and founded it harder and harder to scale back up the walls.
    At first, I wished I had ladders but after closer thought, I realized that would not really resolve the issue and would result in the world having thousands of randomly placed ladder after a day or two.

    That's when I came up with the perfect solution! GRAPPLING HOOKS!

    It would make the game 10 times more fun and really help with the not being able to easily make stairs any were problem.

    So please give us Grappling hooks PLEAS

    They could even come in tires like age one be slow as molasses in the winter time. Age 2 decent speed. age 3 good speed and multiple lines. So on and so forth.

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    I like the idea. Can we also use it like in Mortal Kombat?

    "Get ovah here!"

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    They did mention this was going to be in the game at some point. Hopefully sooner then later.

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    And it would be great If we could build bridges

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veeti View Post
    And it would be great If we could build bridges
    We already can?

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