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Thread: Builder's Dream V2 + A modding organizer (coming soon)

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    Builder's Dream V2 + A modding organizer (coming soon)

    I've been away for a bit but I decided to come back to the latest version with a new goal in mind.

    Most of you here have seen my mod demo for adding cheap recipes to CardLife so that players can orient their time to cool builds, so I've decided to make use of that in the latest version. The new version of the mod will feature the same general idea, except for now each time you craft something it will make as many as a max stack size requires. Not much else will change.

    The modding organizer has been something on my mind for a while. Assuming the JSON method is kept for mods, this application will be fairly simple. Upon opening it, you can edit or create a "modding profile". Alongside any user-made mods, there will be the "Default" profile that cannot be edited, and is instead used as a global backup. Within each of these profiles the player's user data is stored as well as any modifications. For editing mods within this tool, I plan to have a data tree set up by category (Imagine a category just for tools, and under that is each type of tool, and under each tool is its recipe and other values merged into one convenient spot). When you save your mod, it will write all of the files automatically. It's pretty much a UI for modding that reduces the hassle, simply put.

    The tool isn't quite ready at this moment, but it should (ideally) be ready to go fairly shortly. Just so people know, I plan to write it in Java so that it's cross compatible from the start, and it's easy to run on pretty much any system. I'll edit the thread when it's available, and will link to a github repository for the tool.

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    Great idea! I'll definitely make use of that

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    Hi Xan,

    Welcome back! As far as I know we do not plan changing the JSON system at this moment, so you should be able to do your changes the same way as you done it earlier. If you have any problem let us know here.

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    Any news on this?

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    This was 6 months ago..Its a good idea.....But it may be a dead Idea...

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    I am going to try and revive this mod if that is ok. I assume it's okay because he has not been updating the mod for a while. Do I have permission to go by the name as long as I credit him? If he ever came back and said he wanted to continue the mod him self I would happily give him the mod.
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    Not Sure but you could start one and call it something different Like CLAMM (Card Life Awesome Mod Manager)!!!
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    Wow "CLAMM", haha I love it.
    I may be an echo but I am faster than light!

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