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Thread: Necromancy, the Dead Life, and Cardboard Cardboard

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    Necromancy, the Dead Life, and Cardboard Cardboard

    I've been haunting Server 9 for a while to conduct some necromancy experiments and it has produced unexpected results. Yes, a dead player is both invulnerable (can't go below 0 HP) and invisible. If you are in F8 mode when you die, you can watch yourself explode into nothingness. The unexpected part comes when you discover that there are possibilities other than the respawn menu. To really accomplish something, though, you need to have a collaborator: as Zengarden can attest, server 9's Spirit Shrine was built by a spirit. [Dev team, if you doubt this I can recreate it for you "live"!] So, it turns out that being dead is more interesting than you might have thought!

    This makes me wonder whether anyone on the dev team might have creative ideas about how to extend this discovery into an actual player mode. If I can build while dead, what other powers could be granted that would make death an interesting lifestyle? Right now, the dead can dig but not collect. Should digging be prohibited as well, in exchange for the freedom to fly across the map and gaze upon the living from above? Or, once dead, might a spirit take over the body of any creature (perhaps the very one that killed him) and wander the island thus incarnated until it comes time to naturally despawn? Perhaps other players will have more suggestions for what the dead life should be like on Card Isle.

    I close with some indirectly relevant observations on cardboard cardboard in CardLife. In my call for cardboard cardboard I said that the game needs some craftable material that players can easily type words on from their keyboards. I stand by this request, but I have since decided that the material is best called "paper" since cardboard already does appear in the game in the form of the player's body and in the material "death boxes" are made of (is there an official name for these?). Why do I mention this here? Simply because it means that cardboard cardboard is the substance of the player's very life and death. Truly pious players should be content to do their lowly typing on plain paper labels, signs, and posters; only a necromancer would attempt to play god by crafting cardboard cardboard itself ... perhaps to make traditional golems (now that the word is freed up)!

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    Dead people haunt living people. It's a known fact. So Hauntings could be a thing... Make doors shut.. Flap the shutters.... Make soft "ooooooohhhh" noises... Footsteps... SLIMER goo! (useful resource?)

    Ohh.. and don't forget the creepy music!
    *A disheveled, wild eyed, misanthropic hermit pokes his head out of the bushes*
    *Realizes HE is the hermit*
    *Closes his mouth and slowly returns to the bushes, so as to not disturb the native wildlife*

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    UPDATE: When I did the original post two months ago, I was a little surprised that -- despite almost 200 views of the post -- the only reply was one from Firephyte (probably just to be nice). People must have thought I was crazy or just making stuff up, but it's all true, people. I actually did build a little CardLife hut WHILE DEAD! The only witness to this was Zengarden, who now seems to be "ghosting" Server 9 himself, but at least one person can actually verify my claim. Yes, the hut was very minimal: just one wood foundation with three wood walls, flat roof, and wood door. It's not great architecture but the amazing thing is I built it while in dead mode. I could even open and close the door in true ghost fashion (something Firephyte suggested). I know it doesn't prove anything, but here is a screenshot anyway:


    Please note that the pointy triangular roof pieces and the "Spirit Shrine" sign were added later, after I got alive again. And this pic is already obsolete because I decided I should "put it on the map" by replacing the original wood door with a creator door. Now anyone on Server 9 can find the Spirit Shrine by heading to the little castle icon on the map at the bottom of B2.

    I challenge other players to figure out how to build while dead! Should we have a competition for the best ghost builder?
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    I tried and gave up. Just like most of the people. This means you secret to how to do this will die with you.
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    Digital, thanks for attempting the challenge (you might be the first!) and thanks also for posting about it here...even if you didn't get results yet. It's not really a big secret I'm trying to keep from everyone, I'm just inviting people to figure out a fun puzzle instead of blurting out the answer. It's not really very difficult, proved by the fact that I figured it out.

    If you see me in-game on server 9 or 7, I'd be happy to demonstrate for you!

    Hmmm, I wonder if the developers even realize that their game allows dead people to build and do stuff. Maybe one of the dev team can reply here and say whether this is a feature or a known bug???
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    I would love to give that a try! I'm on server 9 around 7pm eastern time. Please reach out!
    Edit: After testing with Zinc, it was found that this was fixed. The Respawn menu can no longer be bypassed.
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    Digital is right and sadly there are no more mysteries of the dead in CardLife. Perhaps the good news is that this suggests the dev team is still reading the forum and might have silently reacted to this thread by blocking the keystrokes that made it possible to build while dead. I'm not sure, though, that this should be considered "fixing" anything. It just takes away a fun and harmless feature of the game for no reason other than asserting more control over what players can creatively do. It was really an accidental easter-egg of the game for people to discover and enjoy. With that egg broken, are there any others left? (Reply if you know of any!)

    BTW, the fix was an incomplete one. It is still possible (while dead) to get the sprinting animation of the character's arms and -- if the player dies with zero stamina -- the winded breathing sound will play. Let's see how long these vestiges of eggshell remain....
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    Well, I killed an elite wolf last night, and it stared at me while I built for about an hour. Then it turned around and started staring at other wolves for another hour. I feel like we have a bond now.

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